The Rule of 3 Survival Mindset

Out of all of the Aboriginal Nations in North America, the Nez Perce have had the best rates for survival through history.  

What did they do differently?  

The Nez Perce always made sure that they had 3 separate and independent sources for the basics:  water, shelter, food sources, heat and cooking.

As we will be experiencing life without electricity after the 3 Days of Darkness, we also need to consider toilet/sewage needs in order to stay healthy.  



Have everyone in your family, even the young ones, fill in the following list.  Put what you currently use as #1:


WATER:               1.________________________________________









SHELTER:    1.________________________________________




HEAT/COOKING:   1.___________________________________




FOOD SOURCES:     1.___________________________________




TOILET/SEWAGE:  1.____________________________________






WATER:              1.  piped water into home and neighbourhood

                             2.  creek

                             3.  rain water collection

WATER PURIFICATION:  1.  electric distiller or boiling

                                              2.  chlorine (liquid or tablets)

                                             3.  filtering (eg:  Big Berkey, Life Straw)

SHELTER:          1. current home

                             2. car (but you can FREEZE to death inside) / RV

                             3.  tent / cave / mine / tunnel

HEAT/COOKING:  1.  gas fireplace / electric stove / propane stove

                                 2.  barbecue (gas or wood or charcoal)

                                 3.  Go Sun Solar stove / propane heater

FOOD SOURCES:   1. various markets

                                  2. canned goods / freeze-dried / dehydrated

                                  3. seeds / fishing / hunting

TOILET/SEWAGE:   1.  existing toilet

                                   2.  plastic containers / outhouse / hole or ditch

                                   3.  decomposting toilet to make human manure


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23.10.2016 15:31

Thank you so much this is great

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