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Make A Shelter Schedule for Each Day of the Week

If you have stairs, use them for exercise for family members and pets!

If you have stairs, use them for exercise for family members and pets!

Staying inside for the 6 weeks it will take for the "blood" rain to decompose outside is not going to be easy! It will need planning. Going "stir crazy" or getting "cabin fever" can be avoided by writing out a daily schedule which accommodates different activities for different times of the day.

The Activity Time Slot should vary, and so should the Exercise Time Slot.  

For chores, decide if skills determine who does what, or if chores can be rotated among family members.

Passing on Knowledge:  Make a time in the day when different survival skills are learned and practised.  

Here is a template of one day's schedule which can be changed for different days of the week:

7:00       Rise, clear away bedding, dress, etc.

7:30       Prayers and prepare breakfast

8:00       Breakfast time:  one water ration given

8:30       Clean-up after breakfast, brush teeth & floss

9:00       Sick call (general medical inspection & discussion of medical topics, if necessary.

9:30       Leader's option to continue sick calls or start a training session, recreation time, group meeting, etc.

10:00     Snack Time:  one water ration

10:30     Stretching & exercise session (entire group)

11:00     Training session (special groups) & school for children

11:30     Free time for quiet activities (nap time, etc.)

12:00     Prepare lunch

12:30     Serve and eat lunch:  one water ration

1:00       Clean up after lunch &  brush & floss teeth

1:30       Quiet reading time & nap time

2:00       Information and training session & school

2:30       Emergency drills (finding emergency exits while blindfolded, fighting mock fires, etc.) or stretches and exercise time.

3:00       Snack time:  one water ration

3:30       Recreation (free time, games time)

4:00       Recreation (free time, games time)

4:30       Recreation (quiet time, nap time)

5:00       Prepare dinner

5:30       Serve and eat dinner:  one water ration

6:00       Clean up after dinner & brush teeth & floss

6:30       Family Rosary

7:00       Official daily briefing (reports are made to the group about what is working & what needs to change; discuss and make group decisions).

7:30       Planned Recreation (group singing, etc.)

8:00       Planned Recreation 

8:30       Free time for quiet activities (some family members will want to turn in early)

9:00       Free time for quiet activities & the Leader makes sick calls.

9:30       Snack time:  one water ration

10:00     Free time for quiet activities

10:30     Prepare for sleep

11:00     Lights out

If you have disturbances outside, or if there are sick people to care for, and you have enough adults to help, you could do the following:

11:00 to 1:00     First Watch

1:00   to 3:00     Second Watch

3:00   to 5:00     Third Watch

5:00   to 7:00     Fourth Watch

Remember that as a family, you will not normally need to worry about staying up and keeping watch during the night.  

When you pray your family rosary, ask St. Joseph to watch over your family that night.

It is important that the adults get enough rest, so make this a priority.