Important Information about the Coming Social Credit Laws

Personal notes from 2022 Black Sheep Summit, see:

Speaker:  Glen Meder (privacy action plan course online)

Subject:  Chinese social credit system is technological slavery through central digital currency.

The website to see:

(Glenn teaches how to get online privacy, step by step)

--In China: 200 million cameras (and growing) (connected to cell phone tracking systems) facial and body movement recognition system to AI. Cameras watch eye movements in classrooms, and at work to increase performance. Eyes are scanned from a distance:  blink duration, time btwn blinks, average distance btwn eyelids, pupil size, reactivity, iris texture & shape. Able to determine identity, cultural background, illnesses (i.e. Parkinson’s, autism, depression)

Phones are tracked 24/7: know where people go, who they walk down street with, who they chat with.

Software on phone tracks everything you go to online.

They know your secrets—where your assets are.

--Information is power. They aim to have total information on people.

--What will they do with this power?  They are going to use it. In China, you receive a social credit score. You get rewarded and penalized. At the basic level, it is like a credit score. You get points from what you buy, if you help someone on the street, donate blood, bone marrow or an organ (and you get points), reporting on a neighbour who is acting poorly (and you get points).

You can get trophies, pictures on posters, get on front of line at stores, cheaper plane tickets, better seats on planes, even work with government (which is best job you can get), get your kids into the better schools, etc.

Losing points or getting fined:  Buying alcohol, speeding tickets, spend more than 12 hours per week on video games, jay walk, litter, post what they deem fake news on social media. Failed to volunteer for military, complained about government doing wrong (like poor drinking water). Speak out against someone in communist party, and the communist party itself, remind someone of Tienamen Square massacre, communicate or hang out with someone who is blacklisted.


score falls, but not too low:  you will have to attend lectures that tell you how to raise score. You will get occasional visits from government officials who will tell you how to raise your score.

Your internet speed gets throttled, you will be barred from the best hotels and other places. You won’t be able to rent a good apartment. You will not be able to buy Business Class plane tickets.

If your score gets low enough, you will not be able to fly. You will be forced to take a train or a bus (geographical restrictions). You might get your dog taken away. Harder to get a loan.

All of this is being put into place in China right now.

Even lower score = being Blacklisted. This is very serious. It lasts for 5 years, and you have to work very hard to get out of this blacklist. Heavy government scrutiny. Your name and face is put on public billboards for public shaming. You will have to travel by bus, or not even be able to travel by bus (severe geographical restrictions)! You lose all forms of welfare or subsidies. You won’t be able to find a nice place to live. Children will also be blacklisted (generational suffering).

If your score goes low enough = you go to jail or just disappear.

If you try to call a blacklisted person, you will get a message before you are connected: “Be aware that the person you are calling has been blacklisted. If you continue with this call, you will receive marks against you. Are you sure you want to make this call?”

Communism makes these people outcasts. You lose all your friends and family.

A Central Digital Currency (CDC) will be rolled out in China and USA soon. There is some talk that China’s digital currency will be backed by gold. If this is true, it has the potential to displace the US dollar as currency.

The central digital currency (CDC) will be completely integrated into an instantaneous reward & punishment system. This is the final (and vital) part of their control system. It will give them control over everyone. This is the ultimate system of slavery.

It is an automated (impersonal) system of slavery. The leaders decide what they want the people to do and they can tweak the rewards and punishments on the system to get the results that they want.

Let’s play this out:  So, Chinese investigative journalists who seek to expose these get their lives destroyed. They are blacklisted. Your life becomes hell because people do not want to be around you. Your money is gone, your opportunities are gone, you can’t travel, you can’t get a home, you don’t get government handouts, you are publicly shamed, you are completely isolated.

They can completely destroy somebody’s life. The people in authority give you the black marks, and the system does everything.

The average person doesn’t know that you have high ethics and are trying to warn people. All they know is that if they read what you have published, they will get a black mark against them. Talking with you or associating with you gives them black marks also. Most people have no idea who you are or what you have done. You are an outcast, your score is low, and it is like a contagious disease. They have to stay away from you.

The average person will jump when president Zi says to jump. They will pounce on you if you go on social media because they will be rewarded for doing so. The government can crush any person just by what they say. Any dissenter will be crushed.

People will gladly turn in people who are even thinking about going against the established power. The leaders have an extremely effective way of controlling people through this technological slavery.

That is what they are working on right now. This is the system China is putting in place.

The longer this system is in place, the more established this system becomes, the harder it becomes to challenge.


  1. Total surveillance
  2. Constant monitoring of what people say and do (this is tied into the total surveillance).
  3. A society that is willing to have a caste system
  4. A reward & punishment system that rewards one group of people and makes them not care about the oppressed people.
  5. They reward people who obey the government, thus turning people into a social army for the cause.
  6. There is unity in government—all politicians are in sync with this because this puts government bureaucrats at the top of the caste system.
  7. The people and leaders believe that the government is the ultimate authority.




  1. Yes, all western countries have total surveillance in place. Our cell phones provide all of the surveillance that is needed.
  2. Yes, there are tremendous amounts of data on us. They have been monitoring and recording us. (China used American big-tech companies, especially Google and Google spin-offs.) Google controls 75% of phones on this planet, 64% of browsers (which is the Chrome browser), 95% of searches are done on Google (globally),
  3. We now live in a society that has a caste system. The vax passports now divide us into people who obey the government and those who don’t. This is a recent thing, but it has been adopted and accepted by most people.
  4. We have a reward & punishment system that rewards one group of people and makes them not care about the oppressed people. The people who are getting the privileges don’t care about the people who are locked out of society.
  5. The people are turned into a social army: Right now we have the social pressure to obey. We see this in social media and in real life if you go into a store without wearing a mask, people give you dirty looks, and sometimes people will yell at you.
  6. Unity in the government: politicians in governments around the world are moving in lock step to enslave the populace. This is because this is their opportunity to take more power for themselves and to rank highly in the caste system. Politicians who don’t support this will be ousted later and they will be at the bottom.
  7. The belief that the government is the ultimate authority and can take our rights away from us: This is the message that we have been hearing from the U.S.A. “Obey the government. Wear the masks. Do the vaccines.” They have convinced a large portion of our society that we have to obey government, even when it doesn’t make sense, because what they are doing doesn’t make sense. Most people obey without a second thought about what they are doing.

So you can see that they have some of the fundamental pieces of the puzzle in place.


This cannot be done like it is being done in China. In China, they are very straightforward. There is no opposition to this. People are embracing it.

This could never happen like this in the USA because Americans would never become a willing pawn of the State. Americans value individual freedom. They would never allow the government to shape them into good obedient citizens.

So how do the elites get people in the West to go along with this system?

They have to be deceitful and sneaky in order to get people to buy into the program. They do this by getting people to focus on the greater good. So in China, the greater good is the country. In the West, the greater good is idealistic: such as, keeping everyone safe from the virus, or fighting global warming, or racial justice (diversity & equity).

These ideals have a fanatical group of followers, and this is the army that they want to create/recruit.

So, let’s look at the virus. Who doesn’t want to keep everyone safe from the virus? This is why everyone went along with this “2 weeks to lockdown” and “2 weeks to slow the virus”.

Everyone wants to keep others safe, right? You can’t argue against that! So they convince everyone that it is in society’s greater good that everyone get the vaccine and wear masks and comply to government lockdowns.

But the virus is actually not that dangerous… it is dangerous to some, but overall, it is not as dangerous as they say it is.

So to keep this narrative going, they have to rev up the fear mongering, they have to rev up the censorship of scientists – so they are silencing the real scientists. They have to lie about and totally ignore the effectiveness of natural immunity because natural immunity throws the who reason for passport mandates and vaccines and all of that stuff out the window! So they have to lie about that.

And they have to convince the people that the government is the solution. So, as long as we trust Anthony Fauci all will be well.

And the virus is all that is needed to have some people accept the new system. In the U.S.A., the blue states are complying and they are saying that they are going to have indefinite (forever) mask wearing.

Another example is Germany: they are totally and irrationally terrified of this virus! The speaker’s wife is German, and she keeps in touch with family and friends in Germany, and she cannot believe how petrified Germans are about this virus! Her lifelong friends support the passports and vaccine mandates and masks. They believe that the unvaccinated should not be allowed to go into the grocery stores or anywhere else!

So the Germans have accepted the propaganda, because Germans for the most part trust the government and trust the media. And that is scary in and of itself. The Germans are not skeptical. They buy into this hook, line and sinker! They believe that the government is their master, and they accept the caste system. The people who obey the government get more privileges.

New Zealanders are the same. They are actually the most compliant people on the planet. They are totally sold on their leader Jacinta and the totalitarian changes she has made. Her approval rating was recently at 85%. They don’t resist, so they don’t have to go further than the virus to get this in place.

Australia has gone nuts. Most of the population is compliant and they agree with the internment camps and the radical moves that they are taking right now.

So the elites don’t need to go any further than this virus to get their plan accepted by the population.

But America is different (and the speaker thanks God for this).


  1. Americans have a very strong connection with their Constitution and their individual freedom.
  2. The media has been exposed for what they are. Half the country does not trust the media at all. The red states have completely rejected the virus narrative, as well as rejecting that the government is the ultimate authority.

People are moving in droves out of the blue states and into the red states.

The U.S.A. has been frustrating the elites’ plans. Americans are not all buying into the fear mongering. This is why the media is calling conservatives “White Supremacists” (they even do this to Black conservatives). This is currently why the USA is in chaos on many fronts: schools, etc.

Most conservatives know that something nefarious is going on, but they don’t understand the big picture.

But the end goal for China, the US, and Western countries is the same: they want to enslave us with this system. The Central Digital Currency is the final tool that they need to put into place.

And the reward system will be tied into the “Greater Good” ideology. They will try to get us excited about these changes. It will all be centrally controlled.

I want to give you an example of what I mean:

The first thing that they will do is have us download an app on our phone, and they will provide monthly stimulus cheques to everyone, which is just another term for Basic Minimal Wage, which is Socialism.

But most people will love this.

Then they will start rewarding people who have had their vaccines and their booster shots (maybe an extra $500 per month if you are up-to-date on your vaccines). These people will not care that the unvaccinated are not getting paid.

But there is another way that this is going to work, because they are going to go with the “Greater Good” scenario:

So, if you use your app to buy your groceries from a store that gets its energy from renewable sources, you could get 20% off your bill. If you buy diapers from an equity-certified company, which means that they have the right mix of races working at the company, and you’ll get 25% off. And they will really sell this. This is the Greater Good.

And they will control which businesses win or fail because of this.

Protests for gender rights gets you an extra $200. Buy an electric car, get $1,000. So in the beginning it will be sold to us. It will look like an airline reward system, but these will be bigger rewards and it will cross all boundaries and it will be MORE than just monetary.

They won’t introduce penalties for a while, but they will eventually. Run a red light, and $50 is instantly taken out of your account. Get flagged for speeding, $100 immediately. Still don’t have your vaccines? = $500 fine, every month. Post what the government declares as “fake” news on social media, $100 fine. Were you part of the peaceful protests on January 6 in Washington DC? = $5,000 fine for being labelled a “White Supremacist”.

Can this happen in the U.S.A.?

Yes, Civil Asset Forfeitures are an example that it CAN happen here!

In civil asset forfeitures, the police steal your money. For example, a lady was flying with $100,000 in her case, so they said “You can’t do that.” And they just took her money. She wasn’t charged with a crime.

This is what civil asset forfeiture is. If you are driving down the street with $10,000 and a cop says, “Ah, well, this is suspicious. We are going to take this.” There is no due process, it is not “innocent until proven guilty”. They just take it.

And actually, there is more money taken from American citizens from the civil asset forfeiture than from burglaries and criminals!

This is happening now. It is pure evil. It is a corrupt practice, yet it flourishes in the USA, because it doesn’t affect many people.

People won’t get up to fight civil asset forfeiture because it doesn’t affect them!


It is designed to isolate the disobedient minority while rewarding the majority not to give a damn!

And the system will continually evolve and be sneaky.

So my point is that the social credit system in the USA and Western countries will be very deceptive, but the goal is the same: Technological Slavery.

It is definitely a dystopian future, and the speaker does not think that it will be far in the future. He says: “Just look at how far we have come in the past year (2020). I think by this time next year (December 2022) the world will look a lot different.”

Now the speaker goes back to his opening comment that he is optimistic, and he says that he is!

They have spent years creating this system of controls and mechanisms. And it seems like this is a very sophisticated and rock-solid system, and it is, BUT, it is built on a house of cards. It is built on layers and layers of DECEPTION. If people knew what they were doing, this would totally crumble in all Western countries.

The only way that this is surviving is because it is being kept in the dark. And my hope is that that won’t be possible. They can’t shut down all of these alternative news sites.

And their house of cards collapses when the light shines upon them.

Up until now, people see the greater good as keeping everyone safe from a virus. Most people think that everything that is happening in the world is just about a virus.

But as soon as they see that this is about government that is absolutely trained to take our freedoms away, and they are doing it in a very deceptive and sneaky and very coordinated way, everything that they are doing will collapse.

That is what the speaker believes, and he believes that people are waking up to this. He thinks that this is why it will all crumble.

And the speaker says that it is imperative that we make it crumble. The longer this goes on, the more established this becomes, the harder it will be to get rid of it.


  1. We need to work together to open peoples’ eyes. We need to shine the light of truth on what is happening. We can’t stay silent. We can’t hide in the shadows and hope that others will be brave enough to say the truth. We each need to do that. We each need to educate people about what’s going on.


There is a receptive audience. Many people know that something nefarious is going on, but they can’t put the puzzle pieces together. But we have the puzzle pieces. Da Vinci has this quote: “There are three types of people: the people who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who do not see.”


So we need to focus on the first two types of people, and forget about the third. Don’t just get into arguments with people for the sake of just getting into arguments.


  1. We need to cherish the Constitution. This battle will be fought in all free countries, but I think the USA is the key! More people have their eyes open here and we also have the Constitution. And the Founding Fathers were geniuses. This is what the Constitution was designed to protect against. It is essential that we cherish the Constitution and protect that which protects us.


Here is an example: One of the key things to understand about the U.S. Constitution, which is the foundation of our legal system, and hardly anyone understands this, is that Governors in the states actually have more legal power than the President (on most things). The U.S.A. is designed as a de-centralized power structure.


And we the people have the power, as long as we take it and use it. So it is more important to elect strong governors like De Santis in Florida, than to win the presidency. We need 10 to 20 governors like De Santis, or even people who go beyond De Santis. That is who we need to get.


The speaker now mentions that he has a website:


This is a simple manifesto to remind the people of who we are and that the Constitution is our path forward.


  1. This is the final point: We need to understand that privacy is absolutely essential for freedom.


This is how they are going to control us, through surveillance.


Privacy is absolutely essential! We have to stop Big Tech and Big Government from deceptively recording and monitoring everything we do.


We need to reclaim our privacy and take away the power from those who have deceitfully captured our data without our consent.


This is why the speaker created a business called The Privacy Action Plan. It is an online course that takes non-technological people through a step-by-step process to become private and secure. The speaker invites his listeners to take the course.


Or, if you are technologically astute, there are plenty of online resources to learn about privacy.


But this is a very important step that we all need to take and we need to tell others to take. We need to get private, because that is essential for freedom.


In summary, the speaker says that the global elite have more power than they have ever had before. And they will use this power against us, because that is what they do. That is what people in power do.


If we want our children to grow up in a free world, we must act now. We have to shine the light on what they are doing and we have to collapse the house of cards before this starts.


The speaker says that he is confident that we will do this.


End of presentation. Now the host and guest speaker take questions:




Host:  I have the Omerta phone, which is a de-Googled android cellular phone. What do you think of de-googled android phones?


Speaker:   It sounds weird, because Google is the main system that is surveilling us, but their system is Open Source. So the way to get private is to actually start with Google, a Google android phone, and then there are operating systems that have de-Googled themselves.


So they are android without the Google. And those are very good. What we do in the course is to actually buy a pixel phone and load the operating system on, themselves.


In Australia they had this phone called the Anon Phone. And this was marketed for years in Australia as an anonymous phone. It came out earlier this year that that was actually an FBI operation. So all of those people who bought those phones were sharing all of their information with the government.


So I am hesitant to buy off-the-shelf, de-Googled phones. I’ve looked at some places, such as eFoundation, that type of thing, but you just don’t know what they are doing, what they are putting into your phone. The best way is to load the operating system on for yourself.


Host: Yes, Graphene OS is definitely one of the operating systems that you want to replace--


Speaker: --Calyx OS is also good.


Host: Okay, cool. I am not familiar with Calyx OS. How hard would you say, on a scale of 1 to 10, for the average person to de-Google an android phone?


Speaker:  It is on the harder side, and that is one of the challenges we are working on right now, is to create a tutorial that will really takes you through step-by-step, and makes it easy for people to do, and makes it a no-brainer, because—and this is what our course is about—privacy is actually quite complex. And we want to make it simple for people.


That is what we do. That is our specialty, trying to make it simple for the average person.


Host: We definitely recommend everyone to take this course. Glen, what do you think of the operating system? We were just talking about installing Linux in a virtual machine on peoples’ computers to get familiar with it.


I’ve been a UBUNTU user for years, but I am a tech guy by nature. What do you think about this operating system?


Speaker:  Linux is a really good operating system, used for years by techies, but there is a new Linux version out there called Linux pop OS, and pop OS is really easy to use for the average person.


I like recommending pop OS.


I just bought a framework computer and I just put a pop OS on there. I think you can buy the System 76 computers with pop OS already installed, and those are good.


I worry less about those than the phones, because Linux is a pretty rock-solid community and there’s a lot of things going on in that community that are just awesome.


Host: Yes, absolutely, and System 76 is definitely a place to get a… if you want a computer to build.


And of course, you’ve got the famous Edward Snowden idea to use Tails OS on a USB drive and just boot (use) your computer from that and everything just disappears. What do you think about that one?


Speaker:  That’s too… you know, I deal with everyday people and I just don’t recommend that because it is definitely not something for everyday people.


Host: Yes. Do we have other questions?


Listener #1:  I tracked the guy on Youtube who teaches you how to de-Google a phone, and it was really alarming, and I want to alarm everybody about it. Google is actively trying to track your phone using any technique possible and any strategy possible.


And I wanted to ask your thoughts about this, because Google is basically using Bluetooth data from other devices that are googled, to get to your device to track where your device is—even if you have de-Googled your phone! I was alarmed by what he was reporting!


What do your thoughts on that and how do we defend ourselves against that going forward into the future?


Speaker:  Yeah… so what you are talking about is, say you are walking through a crowd, and let’s say you have a de-Googled phone, and you are walking through a crowd, and you have “Bluetooth” or” Wifi” turned on…


Well,… let’s say you are using an iPhone and you are walking through a crowd, and you have got “Location” turned off, but you have got “Bluetooth” and “Wifi” turned on… what they (Google) will do is… even though your location is turned off,… they can detect what other networks are around you.


So, let’s say you’ve got “Wifi” turned on, they can detect all the Wifi networks around you.


They have all the Wifi networks mapped out, so if your phone is picking up such-and-such network, they know where you are.


And they can see every network that is on there.


It is the same thing with Bluetooth. If you are walking down the street with “Bluetooth” on and your location is turned off, but these people’s “Locations” are turned on, your “Bluetooth” sees that other “Bluetooth” network and can communicate that back to any of the companies, and they know exactly where you are, because of that person and that network.


So don’t have “Wifi” or “Bluetooth” turned on when you are not using them, when you are away from your home.


Listener #1: Yeah. These companies are all actively spying on you. It is an all-out effort! They are doing everything they can to get your data.


Speaker: Their entire business model is on deceptively taking your information.

This is why you will see Google getting sued for two billion dollars, five billion dollars. And this is because they track people even when they say that they do not track people.


But then they’ll get sued for two billion dollars and they will keep on doing it!


How can they do that? It is because they are making more money by being deceptive than whatever you can sue them for. This is why they are the wealthiest companies that ever existed.


They are extremely deceptive, and this is the core of the power base that they are building. It is based on this surveillance.


It is evil. Google is evil.


Host: “Do no evil” is their motto!


Speaker: I know… If you want to do some quick steps, use DuckDuckGo instead of Google (as your search engine. You can download it for free).


Don’t use a Chrome browser. Use Brave browser instead. Get rid of Chrome from your computer.


If you have an android phone, you need to figure out how to get a de-Googled operating system into that phone. If it is a pixel phone, it is definitely doable to load Calyx OS on there. Calyx OS is easier to load than Graphene OS.


Host:  And to add to what Glen just said, if you are using “Firefox” and you think you are safe, you are not safe either. “Waterfox” is a better replacement. It is more private.

And then, of course, there is the TOR browser which is built into “Brave”.


You can open a TOR window from “Brave.” Do you teach that in the class?


Speaker: Absolutely. I will also tell you that the market is hearing people, and there are a lot of privacy things being developed right now. And I think that we are at a good stage where a lot of new privacy things will come out. But again, you have to trust the company that you work with.


Like VPN’s. VPN’s are very important, but there are a lot of VPN’s that say that they do one thing, and then they record everything that you are doing, and then they sell that data.


So they are not helping you at all.


Host:  Give us an example of a VPN company doing that.


Speaker:  Well, Facebook used to have a VPN!  (Both men laugh). That’s like letting the fox into the hen house!


Host: Yeah. Absolutely. What do you think about Proton VPN?


Speaker:  Yeah. Proton VPN is good. ivpn (IVPN) is good. Those are the  ones that I use.


Host:  People really believe in Protonmail, because of the way it has been sold,… this private email company from Switzerland. But actually, there is information that Protonmail was founded and funded by the CIA. It is the same thing as the Anon Phone you were talking about before. I have tried to warn people about that repeatedly. Can you talk about that?


Speaker:  Well, “Proton VPN” is the same company as “Protonmail”. I use “Protonmail”. You know,… there are always rumours out there…


Host:  Well I will send you a link later… it is broken down facts, and not just a rumour about the CIA funding…


Speaker:  Well,… there is “Private Email”… Two Nonna. I use Two Nonna…


Host:  I love Two Nonna…


Speaker:  And you have to understand the different steps… I just talked about a VPN, it is important… you have to understand a lot of the different steps…


It is not enough to use a VPN. You have to know how to use it. You have to turn the “kill switch” on. – And this is the kind of stuff we go through in the course – but the “kill switch”… How much time do we have?


Host:  We are going into lunch, but we have a few minutes…


Speaker:  This is going back to the Social Credit System… U.S. Congress recently passed a law that your internet service provider can record and track everything that you do online and sell that data.


So if you’ve got Verizon, Comcast,… any of those services, they look at everything you do and they sell that data.


You think that everywhere you go online is private, but it is not.


A VPN provides an encrypted tunnel between you and the internet…


And so, the internet service provider can’t watch what you are doing. So it is important to use a VPN. But the “kill switch” … you have to turn the “kill switch” on, because if you don’t turn on the “kill switch”, … so, the VPN connects to different servers around the world… and if one of those servers goes down,… and you don’t have the “kill switch” turned on,… then the VPN is just going to let you onto the internet without any protection. And you are not going to know it.


So you think you’re protected because you’ve got a VPN, but you’re not.


You’re just on and they can see everything that you are doing.


But if you turn that “kill switch” on, if that connection goes down, you lose your internet. You can’t get on the internet. And that may be inconvenient, but at least you know any time you are online, you are protected by that VPN.


So having the “kill switch” turned on is very important. There’s a lot of nuances to this stuff that you have to learn…