Great Christians: The Few Faithful

"I will stock the land of France with flowers, that is with pure hearts, filled with repentance, who will be loving the Holy Church, the Holy Father, and France:  a new generation."        (November 14, 1881).

"Christian plants are going to be so scattered that the earth will rather look like a desert than a land inhabited by Christians who, nevertheless, are in such number...." (March 29, 1882, p. 41, The Prophecies of La Fraudais).

"The measure of sin is heaped full, but no evil will befall My faithful ones." (p. 43, ibid).

"Be comforted, all of you who give honour to My Precious Blood; nothing evil will happen to you." (p. 45, ibid).

"I will be bound to protect and preserve those who will be bound to wait for a little while before they find a refuge under the Divine Tree of the Cross.

"The hour will be sent to the whole family of the Cross whose destiny it is to be protected.  That hour will take place before the roads on earth are closed" (p. 59, ibid).

"The innocents will beseech Our power, even in behalf of their own enemies...." (April 10, 1879, p. 234, ibid).

"I forewarn you to be frightened in no way whatsoever, because I will have planted a magnificent sun upon this land of Brittany.  In that sun there will be as many rays as many friends to be protected.  At my command, this sun will move towards My children and introduce them in resplendent divine flames the beauty of which will never be altered." (August 5, 1879, p. 70, ibid).

St. Michael the Archangel speaks:

"I will stand above the files of the Catholic friends, like a prince, and from time to time I will have the orders from above passed unto them, which will make them unconquerable against SatanGet ready...."   (September 29, 1879, p. 72, ibid).

"How much I rejoice, [St. Michael the Archangel] cries out:  here comes the moment for fighting against Hell whose rage is more red-hot than burning coals.  But do not be afraid of anything, because you are the fighters for a good cause.  Double your prayers for the sinners' and the blind's sakes.   . . .Those I will have spared amidst ashes will be France's glory. (October 24, 1877, p. 83, ibid).

"The armies of those culprit conquerors will attempt to oppose the passage of the true servants of God who will be coming, from about everywhere on earth, with the faith, ...and with a hope nothing will succeed in breaking.  God's servants will rush against those armies, who will oppose their passing, in a deadly defense." (November 7, 1882, p. 186, ibid).

"Rejoice all of you who have battled for My sake, and who have been faithful to My commandments." (January 9, 1878, p. 89, ibid).

"...He will come, the one longed after by the people of France.  he will land upon that country with human armies, surrounded by Angelic Hosts.  In the ranks of his armies, great Christians will be found, great men whose honor will be preserved for the whole duration of this world." (September 5, 1882, p. 196, ibid).

"I will stock the land of France with flowers, that is with pure hearts, filled with repentance, who will be loving the Holy Church, the Holy Father, and France:  a new generation." (Daurelle, November 14, 1881, p. 100, ibid).

"For you, My friends, I keep in store only part of My Justice.  It will not reach your persons but will strike on your lands and crops.  Be without any anxiety:  I will know how to provide for everything, even for your means of support.

"My people will be the only ones to receive such protection and Brittany will be chosen as a kingdom cherished in a special manner.  Its name will be dear to France and outside of it."...The Lord will restock his countryland with fresh [Christian] plants who will be growing up and lasting until the last generation:  which means that they are preserved to witness the end of centuries."    (March 9, 1878, p. 238, ibid).

"All My victims and servants will make their way onward to Brittany, carrying their white banner of salvation, at the lead of an escort magnificent but few in number:  the escort to France's Saviour." (October 24, 1882, p. 202, ibid).

"Another scourge will come down at the heart of Brittany.  My friends will suffer no pain from it." (October 5, 1882, p. 131, ibid).

The Blessed Trinity says:

"The road lies open, and from here we contemplate a crowd of invited and chosen people.  That crowd is moving forward on a road still in darkness.  One more step and light will come out, just as bright as the one dwelling in Heaven, our Eternal Abode.

"Mortal eye will contemplate a spectacle of an immense gloryThe eye who will have been neither invited nor predestined will see nothing else but a sky loaded with dense clouds, ...." (April 10, 1879, p. 232, ibid).

"My children, do you know what is the number of those who will escape that infernal deadly war?  I dare not profer it." ( August 9, 1881, p. 272, ibid).

"Let us be trembling, we, the small number of God's friends, over the fate of so many unfortunate souls who rejected light in order to live in idolatry.  When the Church will have been threatened and beaten down, when will be resounding the hour of the promised triumph, upon this land trodden by insolent feet, what will they be thinking, what will those souls be thinking?

"They will have nothing left; God will have spoken; God will have given His command; God will have brought scandal to an end.

"For the time being, God is tolerating.  The passing present time is nothing but a period of suffering.  God calls upon souls to share in His disgrace.  Storm is roaring.  Evil and wickedness will soon take their entry in triumph.  What direction is the awful avenging going to take?  In direction of God's temple, of those who are God's representatives on earth, of those who serve Him....

"Rocks will be knocking against each other; stones will be whizzing around.  Tired with exhaustion from the fury of the storm, what will you have to do?  Just to wait, pray, and accomplish God's will.  Let us serve God through the darkness which are found within us.  Let us serve Him despite the darkness amidst which He leaves us walking along; let us serve Him just the same.  When the light of your souls will have been entirely extinguished, even then never lose your courage; walk through all dangers; face up to the dangers and God will gratify you with grace and consolations.

"Let us take up our crosses; let us carry them without blushing; some are to be encountered everywhere.  Already, during this life, they will supply us with the delightful expectation of seeing God and possessing Him.

". . . Let us pray for the threatened Church.  The storm will be terrible, but the Church will remain infallible; its walls will not be shaken up.  There will be martyrs.  Let us pray for a family led astray, for a corrupt people, for a degraded society.  All of them are our brethren in Our Lord and redeemed at the cost of His Blood.

"It is in glory that our eternal encounter is to take place; there we will meet with one another.  The peace of the Lord be with you and may His love make you happy!" (August 19, 1878, pp. 222-223, ibid).