Oct. 14, 2016

Our Shelter of Warmth and Light is in Brittany

"The Lord replies:  My own people will be the only ones to have such protection, and Brittany will be chosen as an especially dear kingdom.  Its name will be dear to France and to foreigners."

"Yes, my children, says the Blessed Virgin, I came to put up a refuge on this land of Brittany, because I can find generous hearts there.  This will be a very strong shelter for the birds flying away from the storm and taking shelter therein" ( pp. 166-167,  Prophecies of La Fraudais).

Does this icy image surprise you?  

Why would ice be expected if it is prophesied that fire will fall from the sky?  

If a very fast solar flare, called a Solar Hole Emission, were to release a sudden burst of heat in the direction of Earth, it would then be followed by the phenomenon of falling ice crystals throughout Earth's atmosphere.

So why will Brittany not become frozen under this icy covering as the rest of the world will be?

It is prophesied that Brittany will receive a ray of light which the rest of the planet will not:

". . . . Brittany, you shall always be enlightened and warmed up by the rays of a sun of protection and grace.

"--But Holy Archangel, says Marie-Julie, it is yet the self-same sun enlightening and warming up the whole earth?

"--Brittany receives an unknown sunray, warming it up and extending protection.  God alone and Heaven know about it"         (p. 104, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

This ray of warming light seems to come from somewhere other than our sun, but it is probably why half of the crops in Brittany will survive.  

After the fiery Divine Chastisement, what is left growing in Brittany will not die from freezing!

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