Apr. 28, 2017

Take Flight From Paris

 Seen from the sky, the Arc de Triomphe sits as the center of a star of twelve radiating streets, but it is an ungodly star made by Francomasonry.

“ ‘Why, my kind Mother, such a stench?’

“ ‘My daughter, they are blinded to such an extent that henceforth it is impossible to bring them to believe. They have reached the last degree of unbelief. They fear neither God nor Heaven any more. This stench is the breath of Hell and of this cursed society.’

“ ‘Most Blessed Virgin, what are these three flames and this foul smoke for?’

“ ‘My children, this is the beginning of the fatal misfortunes. They ascertain the sequel of what is to happen.’

“ ‘Ah! My kind Mother, I see red flames coming out with a raging fierceness.’

“ ‘My children, once this impure and wicked society will have got all its freedom, disorder will spread out in every direction, above all at the heart of this ungrateful city. I have been forewarning for a long time …’

“ ‘The walls of this ungrateful city will be shaken up: they will bury the impure corpses under their rubbish; they will engulf a large number of them.’ ”

[Source: pp. 132-3, Prophecies of La Fraudais,December 6, 1877].

Reflection on this Prophecy:

The Chastisements that are coming to Paris, due to peoples’ impure lives, must be coming everywhere, for God’s Doctrines are being perverted everywhere.

And we have been warned, specifically by Our Lady of Fatima:

Our Blessed Mother appeared to the three children, Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta six times in 1917. On the final apparition of October 13, she told them to look at the sun in the sky.



The sun came down towards the earth and everyone screamed, thinking that they were going to die in a worldwide catastrophe. The rain-drenched earth and their rain drenched clothes dried in seconds from the heat of the advancing heavenly body. That phenomenon may truly happen this year, from a fiery heavenly body. 

Indeed, why would Our Holy Mother show everyone this phenomenon if it were not going to happen in the future?

So what have you done to prepare??

We are two weeks away from the first of the six apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal, exactly 100 years ago.

As this important Anniversary draws near, we say, Prepare! Pray to know what God’s Holy Will is for you and your family.

In the Preparations section (linked below) you will find a new post about Augason Farms, a company which sells American-made, canned, freeze-dried food.  Freeze dried food does not lose its nutritional value, and the shelf life is at least double that of dehydrated food.  These large cans (called #10 cans), which I just purchased, dated until 2042, will outlive me!

Storing water will be important, but harnessing water from rainfall or from an underground spring will be even more important in the long run.  Check out the link below for information on setting up a rain water collection system. Even if you are renting or living in a strata with bylaws, you can have the tools on hand to collect rain water when the time comes.

It is important to see ourselves in that last stretch of the race for our preparations. Where do you start? Do a little towards your preparations each day until the days of the physical Chastisements come.

Consider Brittany very seriously, for there will be enough water and food there. Or is it God’s Holy Will that you stay where you are? Have you truly prayed about it (in quiet)?

Step aside from the fears that naturally come to us all, and ask Our Holy Mother, rosary in hand, to guide your steps, to inspire you with God’s Holy Will for you, and with the actions that you need to take.

Plan to be ready to be mobile when the time comes. Marie-Julie has been told that God will give us a clear, internal warning to go to Brittany before the roads on earth are closed. Prepare some things now, to go on that journey, so that you do make that journey when the time comes.

And let us thank Our Crucified Lord for the Faith which we do possess, which so many others do not possess: a Faith which He loved us enough to purchase for us with His Precious Blood.

 Links:  PREPARATIONS      Water Systems     The Sun

"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra