Jun. 16, 2017

From the Diary of La Fraudais (1874-1877)

41 – "Our Lord says that arabian countries will report triumph over poor French armies."

50 –"I am sharing with you strong revelations about the future of France and about the KING who is meant to occupy instead of the impious man whom My Heart rejected. I uttered the King’s name:  Never forget that promise.”  (Diary, November 26, 1875)

52 –"I will shorten the time of the chastisements because of My victims, because of My Sacred Heart, and finally to give sooner the chosen King, the elect of My Heart."

“I will stock the land of France with flowers, that is with pure hearts, filled with repentance, who will be loving Holy Church, the Holy Father and France:  a new generation. They will grow in My grace and live under the ruling of a very pious King, who, because of his virtues, will be the most shining ornament of France. I prefer you to forget about other revelations than about this present one”.  (Diary, December 1, 1876)

[Source:  pp. 98-100, Prophecies of La Fraudais ]

Reflection on these Prophecies:

Notice that in the 41st entry in Marie-Julie’s Diary has no reference to arabian armies coming against French armies, but rather “arabian countries. This use of words is telling, precisely because this is what is currently happening.  The Arabian countries are funding the training and living expenses of jihad terrorists.

Whether alone, or in groups, these financially supported jihadists are attacking randomly in France and elsewhere.  Dressed in civilian clothes, these men are inconspicuous, and so they are able to do surprise attacks which always result in civilian deaths before they can be stopped.

How frustrating that Marie-Julie is told that these arab countries will triumph over the poor French armies.  What is the immediate future of France to be, if not a continuous (yet losing) war against these jihadists?

The 50th diary entry deals with the future of France. The King figures prominently in this future. 


At first, an “impious man” is acting as ruler -- but only for a short time -- because the Sacred Heart of Jesus has rejected him as a ruler for France.  

One can only imagine that this “impious man” is basically Godless. Certainly, he could be the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron, whom the degenerates of this world praise for marrying his old teacher, who was already married and with children.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus has prepared a True King for France and He assures us of this King's reign in the future, for the good of France, by telling us:  “I uttered the king’s name:  Never forget that promise.”

Just when will true King take the throne and rule France, and beat down the muslim horde? 


According to the 52nd diary entry, the King will take his throne after the Chastisements, which will be shortened for this purpose.

The Divine Chastisements will be shortened due to the appeasement of God from the sufferings of Victim Souls, as well as the burning Love of the Sacred Heart, and to speed the King’s taking of the throne in France.  It sounds as if the King’s influence will be throughout Europe, and perhaps even further?



 Good souls will come to France, and Christ tells Marie-Julie that he will repopulate France with these men and women and children. They will love Holy Mother Church, the Holy Father and France. Our Lord calls them “a new generation”.

These people will become holy as they “grow in My grace” , no doubt being aided by having “a very pious King, who, because of his virtues, will be the most shining ornament of France.”

This King will surely lead by example, and those souls blessed to survive the Divine Chastisements and to make it to Brittany and other protected places in France will experience a life that will lead them to holiness.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus wants us to “forget about other revelations [rather] than [forget] about this present one” so let each one of us ask in prayer for the great Grace to be there to support Our Holy Father’s Papal Restoration and the Rule of this Holy King, so that we may grow in holiness and get to Heaven.

  "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra

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