Feb. 2, 2018

On this, the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary

 The sword of sorrow pierced the heart of our Blessed Mother, but She endured all suffering with Faith in God's Divine Plan.  May we all follow Her faithful example.

Threats and Signs

“When the earth will seem to be bursting out in wonders, says Saint Benedict, when on every side marvels will be published; when voices will be heard resounding in the midst of the world, then God will show forth His glory upon earth. Ponder in presence of those facts, and believe in front of the enemy’s inventions, that the hour fixed by God is not far distant from you.

“Here is one of the signs God gave and is renewing again: all those signs will manifest the approach to a rejoicing and to a deep sadness. The evangelists have also pointed out those facts as the signal for the general judgment. Well then! One more judgment will take place before that last one, a judgment of glorious resurrection in peace and hope for the friends of God.

“Why are they not willing to perceive, at present time, God’s Justice visiting with you at every moment?”

--I do not know, good Saint.

“The reason is that, impelled by pride, they want to give satisfaction to their own wickedness and freedom, and nobody wants to give up any of his rights. That is what urges God to send the punishment shortly.”          (August 26, 1878)

[Source:  pp. 231-232, Prophecies of La Fraudais]. 

Reflection on this prophecy:

This prophecy is straightforward in its references, and therefore easy to understand; yet it also gives insight into the attachments that keep souls from having their censures lifted so that they can be in communion with the Holy Father, and truly in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Marie-Julie is, like all mystics, that lightning rod upon which God the Father throws his Justice as a warning to others to listen to His admonishments, to see Marie-Julie’s sufferings, and to have Fear of the Lord.

But the majority of the people in Marie-Julie’s lifetime would not admit that they were living through Divine Chastisements, and the larger majority of people today also do not want to admit that they are living through Divine Chastisements. 

In fact, many have trouble in accepting that they and millions of others are not receiving grace-filled sacraments at all.  Their complaint is not with their own stubborn refusal to see God’s Justice in the reality of their lives apart from Holy Mother Church; but rather, their complaint is with God!

These souls constantly voice that God would not be Just to allow everyone who is not in communion with the exiled Pope – millions upon millions of souls – to not receive Heavenly graces from their attempts to get the sacraments.

Their emotional plea is groundless because it neglects the laws of valid and licit sacraments. 

They refuse to investigate invalid orders, and want to be able to go to pseudo-catholic "chapels" in proximity to their homes, because they believe that they are too weak to be without the "sacraments."  Well, these persons are NOT getting sacraments at all.

Or, in the case of older priests who are truly ordained but not in communion with the Holy Father, the sacraments are not licit (not lawful) because there is no canonical mission. and, therefore, these sacraments are also unable to bestow Heavenly Graces. 

Sacramental graces come from Christ's Precious Blood, down to the Pope, Christ's Vicar, down to the Bishops in communion with Him, down to the priests in communion with those Bishops and with the Holy Father. 

This is the Hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church, and we laypeople are at the bottom level of this structure, as long as the priests and bishops from whom we receive our sacraments are in communion with the Vicar of Christ.

The Pope has the Primacy, and all souls must be in communion with the Pope to be in the Catholic Church.

So what keeps these souls who call themselves Catholics outside the Holy Catholic Church?

Saint Benedict, who is commenting on this to Marie-Julie, says that they are “impelled by pride” and that “they want to give satisfaction to their own wickedness and freedom” and that “nobody wants to give up any of his rights”. 

But this is a demonic delusion!  This is the devil’s own battle cry, “I will not serve!” and it is a damnation upon all of those souls who utter it or who believe it and follow it!

Christ has come to earth as man, born of the Virgin Mary (whose virginity remained intact) in order to establish the means of salvation for us, the New Covenant with God the Father, through His Vicar, the Pope, and through the life-giving Sacraments in communion with His Vicar.

Peter is the Rock.  It is upon Peter that Christ has built His Church. 

So, to save these stubborn, proud souls, God is sending His Divine Chastisements, to save those who will, finally, listen and become faithful.

It is, in fact, God’s Boundless Love for us which, as Saint Benedict affirms to Marie-Julie, looks upon mankind’s sin of pride and “urges God to send the punishment shortly.”

The Lord sends these Punishments to convert us to His Truth, or to condemn us to our eternal punishment.

Two days ago, it was the Feast day of Saint John Bosco, who had the prophetic dream of the Holy Father returning into a much-destroyed Saint Peter’s Basilica, with a small band of Catholics, and intoning the hymn of thanksgiving of Holy Mother Church, the “Te Deum”:

Te Deum, laudamus : te Dominum confitemur! 

[Thee God we praise: Thee the Lord we confess!].

Angels’ voices will sing the rest of this hymn of thanksgiving on behalf of the Holy Father and the Catholic Church. 

Where will you be?  Inside, with the Holy Father who has returned from Exile, or outside, amid the destruction and resulting spiritual death? 

May today’s Feast day of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary remove the scales of sin from the eyes of the millions-upon-millions, that they may at last see!

Deo gratias!

 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra