Feb. 16, 2018

Breaking Off of Religious Houses

Saint Peter's chains:  Pope Gregory XVIII suffers His exile in spiritual chains.

[The Virgin Mary appears to Marie-Julie, wearing black].

“I wear mourning clothes for the rest of the last houses of the virgins who live in prayer. An hour has been decided upon, which will break their intimate rest away and cause tears of regret to fall down. All these houses will be broken down sooner than can conceive any one among you who are with faith.

“All of a sudden, Hell is going to roar. That cry will not cease any more … My Son’s ministers will be sent away from their homes and scattered among the people.

“When the perfidious man’s hand will come down for the third time upon the rest of the houses of grace, which, by means of their prayers, have held back my Divine Son’s anger, when that hand will lay down for the third time … it will go far to the extreme, without making an exception for anybody, not even for the families endowed with faith who will be staying at home, in prayer. Their homes will be defiled by the entrance of dreadful men …

“My Son and myself are the only ones acquainted with the sequence of their designs. Those designs will lead to the guilty, complete, and perfect overthrowing of all things.” [One of several prophecies given on November 30, 1880].

[Source:  pp. 63-64, Les Prophéties de La Fraudais, in translation].

Reflection on this prophecy:

The image of the “breaking down” of the religious houses is a sad one. 

The phrase brings an image of destruction to mind; specifically, the destruction of the Catholic Faith in consecrated souls.

The religious houses “will be broken down sooner than can conceive any one among you who are with faith” which may indicate that these Catholic convents and monasteries are left with few truly Catholic religious in them, due to an embracing of the masonic false religion by the majority.

And these religious houses have lost their faith – we have been a witness to this!

A loss of the Faith is the most frightening thing for any of us to contemplate. We pray, “Please, Lord God, do not permit me to lose the Faith!”

Our Catholic Faith is a gift, which is given to us by God, and so it can be taken away by God. This is why we must pray to ever persevere in the one true faith, the Holy Catholic Faith.

And then, along with the extinction of the faith in the religious communities, there is the persecution of truly Catholic priests: “My Son’s ministers will be sent away from their homes and scattered among the people.”

The overall objective now becomes clear:  to leave humanity without the fortifying graces of intercessory prayer (from religious communities) and the holy sacraments (from Catholic priests).

Surely, the devil’s plan was (and continues to be) to have us all in hell with him.

Well, evil likes to work surreptitiously, so as to spring surprise attacks upon us.

The success of the onslaught against Holy Mother Church in the 1958 Conclave seems to point to a surprise attack. This, then, is the turning point for the Papacy and for Catholics worldwide: 

“All of a sudden, Hell is going to start roaring. That cry will not cease any more”.  

And that anti-Catholic “cry” has not stopped, anymore. We with the true Faith continue to suffer persecution, and we can expect more suffering in the future. 

Perhaps God permits our present sufferings as His way to strengthen us now, so that we are able to endure the full-fledged persecution of the anti-christ.

After all, we are soldiers of Christ, of His Church, and soldiers must always be battle ready.

The sufferings that we endure today are our preparation, our spiritual training, for what is yet to come.

And even in the homes of families who have maintained the Catholic Faith, the Sorrowful Mother reveals that these homes will be “defiled by the entrance of dreadful men.”

Perhaps this is caused by television? Certainly, television has entered most homes worldwide.

Sadly, the hidden and destructive “designs” of the agents of evil result in the “guilty, complete, and perfect overthrowing of all things.”

It is, perhaps, a perfect overthrowing for the simple fact that most souls are unaware of the satanic overthrow, and they continue to attend non-Catholic worship, using prayers that are changed. And worst of all, sacramental graces have been cut off through a masonic line of antipopes and non-prelates and non-priests offering non-sacraments – neither valid nor licit.

We, the few who can see, must join spiritually with Pope Gregory XVIII, so that we may endure and triumph. Our prayers and sufferings must join with His Holiness’ intercessory prayers for all of the misled souls, and especially those who attack Papal Restoration.

May our Blessed and Sorrowful Mother preserve Pope Gregory XVIII, and also keep our souls from the evil influences that seek to damn us. For the sake of all souls, may our enemies be converted or vanquished, so that the Papal Restoration may come soon!

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 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302,ex cathedra