Mar. 9, 2018

During Three Days the Sky Will Be of Fire

There will be no mistake that the fire falling from the sky is a Divine Chastisement.


[Continued, part 4 of 5; Our Blessed Mother is speaking to Marie-Julie].


The thunders of heaven will follow one another in a rapid violence. Fire from heaven will run across the earth on a terrifying width; that avenging thunder will burn every piece of land producing some fruit. Cultivated lands will be devastated by the power of that fire; the meadows will be burnt and reduced to a land completely stripped naked. Fruits will not show up; all branches on trees will dry out down to the trunk.

“Children of Brittany, to preserve your crops, you will make use of what my Son’s bounty has revealed unto you:  this is your only means to preserve your food.

NOTE:  For the time being, the author of the book is unable to see what are those means.

“My children, during three days the sky will be of fire, furrowed with fright by Divine anger. What makes me sad is that this wrath will not check Hell’s strength. There is no fear, neither of my Son, nor of Hell. That time has to pass on. France’s peril is written down in Heaven by Eternal Might. I can plead no more; I am left only a helpless mother.

“For several years, the earth will produce nothing. France will be unprosperous even after its triumph. During two or three years it will feel the effects of those devastations and of those deep destitutions. Poverty will be great, although my people will have been cleared out. Prayer will bring blessedness back. My Son and myself shall be merciful upon that lengthy penance.” (Third part of the prophecies of November 30, 1880).

[Source: p. 66, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy:


Remember the essentials:  

1.  Do not look outside or you will be punished for looking upon a Divine Act of God from curiosity, and you will die instantly.

2.  Only blessed 100% beeswax candles will be able to be lit during these 3 Days of Darkness.

3.  Those wearing the Scapular of Benediction and Protection, if they are caught outside trying to get home at the beginning of this Chastisement, will see as if they are in daylight (and not the thick darkness).

4. Once inside, close all doors and windows, cover all windows (glass); open the door to no one, and do not look out. Pray, and ask your Guardian Angel to pray with you. Remember to pray for others.


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"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302,ex cathedra