Saint Joseph in Penance

Apr. 13, 2018

Saint Joseph is especially powerful in his intercessions.

He is the saint for these times.


A word about Father Pierre Roberdel:  The book translated into English, called Prophecies of La Fraudais, was compiled by Father Pierre Roberdel.  When still a seminarian, Pierre Roberdel would spend his summer vacations in Brittany, visiting his aunt. This is how he came to hear about Marie-Julie and befriended her.  He was invited to be present during her ecstasies, and he became one of the secretaries who would faithfully write everything down. Father’s faithful writings have been compiled into three books, all in French. It is from these three books that the compilations known as Prophecies of La Fraudais came to be translated into English. The book from which I am now finding prophecies to translate is the first of Father’s two books, and it is called, in English, Heaven in Colloquy with Marie-Julie Jahenny.

In the prophecy below, Marie-Julie has been doggedly trying to obtain a favour from God (more than likely for the Holy Father), through Saint Joseph’s intercession, but to no avail. It is Eastertide and she will not give up in her attempts:

 * * * * * * *


I contemplate Saint Joseph. He says that he will not stay a long time.

“Whatever you want, good saint."

--Yesterday my beautiful month came to a close. Thousands of faithful have honoured me, and you also…

"Saint Joseph, have you been faithful to that which we have asked you? Here is your month past. We have made novenas to ask for our Easter… and you have not given anything."

--Eastertide has not finished yet.

"No, but I am very afraid that you will forget them [the novenas], Saint Joseph."

--I forget nothing.

"If you don’t give them to us, look:  you are well adorned; you have the crown of the Sacred Heart; oh well! I will put your statue outside."

  "You can be assured that I will take you outside as soon as Eastertide is over. I will keep you until then. Good Saint, you will go outside! And, again, I will wrap you in a handkerchief so that you will not see the place where I will put you. You see well that the wish that I have is extreme. If you do not give anything, you will go behind all the saints, the face turned towards the wall. We will not pray to you anymore."

--I do not want to be hidden; I want to stay with the children of my Son.

"That is your business, good Saint Joseph. If you want to stay, give me the grace. This is what I have to say to you."

--I do not refuse anything.

"The other saints stay. I will put another in your place if you do not give anything."

--But do not speak:  I will give something.

--I have my Son on my arms; you will respect me for His sake.

"It is not me who would take you outside, but I will take away the Child Jesus. Believe me, I will not put my treasure in penance. You decide, good saint. You do not want to say anything to me? You do not have the appearance of telling me:  yes."

--I will not have been the cause.

"Do not speak like that, Saint Joseph! You are our grandfather. A grandfather loves his grandchildren well. He conducts them with him, in saying his rosary, supported by his walking stick. Saint Joseph… all the same!"

--Pray again; do not forget me. I will take your requests to my Son.

"You do well, good Saint! There is no point of dishonesty in there; there is nothing but love, but the desire which supplicates."

--Enough, says Our Lord.

Saint Joseph approaches Him.

"Oh! if I saw him say what I request, I would be so happy!"

(April 1st, 1880)

[Source: pp. 124-126, Le Ciel en Colloque, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].