Oct. 5, 2018

The Honey of Prayer

October 7th is the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, also known as Our Lady of Victory, a favourite devotion of Pope Gregory XVII.

Pray for Pope Gregory XVIII, the Papal Restoration, and the French Monarch who will help the Holy Father to restore Catholicism throughout the world.

 The Prophecy:

It seems that the Heart of the Virgin Mary did not yet have all of its forms of grandeur when she stood at the foot of Calvary. Today it seems as if her forms of grandeur are stretching out, deepening, renewing and becoming larger than at the beginning, when she became our Mother.

Today, her heart is much more sensitive, more tender, than at the time of Calvary. At that hour, indeed, torments for her Son took a large part. Today, she thinks always of the children she has adopted, of sinners who damn themselves, of the unhappy who abandon God. It is for this reason that her intervention appears more immense. She exhausts her last resources.

As soon as prayers, that one addresses to her, enter into her heart, they melt immediately, like honey under a sweet dew. She immediately gives these prayers to her Son, and Jesus continually fills His Mother’s heart with new graces, in return for our love for her.

The Blessed Virgin is a Heart which consoles, from which no one ever fears being rejected or put off. Her love surpasses that of all of the Angels, and of all of the Saints together. Her mercy, so large, forgets our miseries and our imperfections. Her charity obtains for us the truest repentance. Her goodness extends up to the doors of hell. We only have to throw ourselves into her arms for her Heart to immediately rouse itself from tenderness.

Also, our love for Mary ought to be without measure and without limit. To love her as much as she loves us, we cannot reach that far on earth. In Heaven, her Heart will always be open to us, and, like the Saints, we will find delicacies that we cannot taste here below.

In return, the Holy Virgin asks no more of us than the gift of our hearts and the prayer of the “Angelic Greeting”, a prayer which serves to feed the fire of the heart and carry the soul in the embrace of Mary. She asks this of us: “I hail thee”; her heart is consoled by this and her eyes spill sweet tears. The Just one is as submerged in them [the Virgin’s tears], and the sinner receives his share [of graces].

[Source: pages 99 – 100, Le ciel en colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel]

Reflection on this prophecy:

This prophecy reminds us that the Blessed Virgin Mary is our Good Mother who cries with us and wants every good thing for us; that is, Heaven.

We are her adopted children because Christ gave us to her and she accepted her universal Motherhood immediately and selflessly, in the midst of her great grief.

She gives us graces every time we greet her with Saint Gabriel's salutation "Hail Mary, full of grace!"

Even the sinner is welcomed by her and gives her graces to him or her when she is greeted with the Angelic Salutation, (also called the Angelic Greeting).

These words are, of course, the beginning of the Hail Mary prayer.

Our Lady's Psalter is the prayer of 150 Hail Mary's; that is, a 15-decade Holy Rosary.

On this upcoming Feast Day of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, (October 7th) may we begin afresh with our Holy Rosaries, keeping in mind the many graces and indulgences attached to the praying of the Holy Rosary.

But our fight is always with the fallen angels, and so we must keep in mind that we are to persist in praying the Holy Rosary daily.

The Holy Rosary is the only weapon, besides the Brown Scapular, which give us the spiritual means to beat the enemies who seek to destroy our souls.

And as satanic activity continues to increase, let us not forget to pray the Holy Rosary to our Blessed Mother Mary, confident that she will teach us about her Son and that she will keep us out of harm's way.

Yes, pray the Holy Rosary in the car, as you drive. Pray it as you go for a walk. Pray it in bed, before you fall asleep. It is said that our Guardian Angel finishes the Holy Rosary when we fall asleep praying it.

May confidence in the Maternal protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary never cease. May this be the one mark which most identifies the members of the Catholic Church during these difficult times of her Silent Exile.

V: Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix.

R: Ut digni efficiamur promessionibis Christi. Amen.

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 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra