Oct. 26, 2018

The Courage of Marie-Julie

Go and find the Sanctuary of the Cross, as Marie-Julie's home is called by Heaven. It is in La Fraudais, near Blain, Brittany, France. Ask Marie-Julie to help you to find it.

 The Prophecy:

“My children,” says Mary Immaculate, “you walk on a solid earth…”

“Perfidious and perverse men will respect this place where I come down. The plagues will pass to the side of this place where I live. When the storm, which already looks terrible, will fall from the sky on the earth, look in the direction of the Sanctuary of the Cross… I again hold back the punishments. Courage, my children, that nothing discourage you!”

--Nothing, my Good Mother, will ever make us go back… We are ready to sign our faith in God with our blood.

“If this mountain of the Faith, here where you are, was falling apart, my dear child, would your faith not weaken?”

--When I see the earth swallow itself, the mountains split, the trees rise up and the sky about to open, nothing will bring down my faith and my courage!

“If I told you right now: my child, for the glory of my Divine Son, we have to walk to martyrdom and suffer atrocious torments?”

--I am ready, dear Mother… Since my childhood I have been sighing for martyrdom.

“My dear child, if you understood all your troubles and the state where you are!... There is enough to make the greatest of martyrs.”

--Good Mother, I lose myself in the immensity of my God. I leave to the side all troubles and all hardships.

“But if you saw yourself at the point of being nailed to the Cross.”

--The hollow for the nails is already made. There is nothing more to do than to push. The suffering will be a pain of love.

“If you needed to appear before the tribunals, before the men who are judges upon the earth?”

--I would appear there, my Good Mother. I am innocent of all crime; I have never offended anyone.

“And if you needed to appear before the great prelates of the Church?”

--I would go with a profound humility [truth]. By the grace of the Holy Ghost, I would reply without fear to the words addressed to me.

“My dear child, I have seen your courage. Now I name you: Child of Martyrdom.

--This name does not belong to me. I only deserve the name of the miserable Magdalene who falls from love at the feet of the Good Master.             (18 December 1877)

[Source: pages 90-91, Le ciel en colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflection on this prophecy:

This last Friday, October 26, was the 60th anniversary of the masonic takeover of the Vatican, through the pushing aside of Pope Gregory XVII, who would be known to the world only as Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe (Joseph) Siri, of Genoa, Italy. The "perfidious and perverse" men have brought about this universal destruction, through the Silent Exile of the Holy Father and, thus, the Church.

It is good to know that our enemies will not be allowed to destroy Marie-Julie Jahenny’s home, that her friends will “walk upon a solid earth”, that “perfidious and perverse men will respect this place or [the Blessed Virgin Mary herself will] descend.”

In fact, this place will be our refuge! We are to look to it [to go there] when the punishment “fall[s] from the sky upon the earth.”

Marie-Julie’s home is to be our refuge; it is to be called “the Sanctuary of the Cross.”

The revelation by our Blessed Mother that her pleas to Christ our Lord “keep back the Chastisements” makes us recall the truth of the Catholic prayer to the Mother of God: “grace is poured forth upon thy lips, wherefore God hath blessed thee forever” (from the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Truly her pleas can convince the Divine Will to be Merciful a little longer.

The Blessed Virgin Mary here encourages us all to have courage. Marie-Julie answers that nothing will make us turn back from the one true Faith. And at this point our Blessed Mother begins to slowly reveal what the battle for the one true Faith will be like:

First, “the Mountain of Faith” (the Papacy) will fall from view.

Interestingly, Marie-Julie does not recognize the metaphor, but she agrees that yes, violent earth movements will collapse mountains and violently push trees up from the earth.

How is it that Marie-Julie, having lived her whole life in rolling farm country which has not known earthquakes, let alone violent ones, is able to immediately know such specifics about trees being pushed up out of the ground?

Quite simple:  she has seen this in her previous ecstasies. Marie-Julie knows intimately about the spiritual and physical Chastisements that will come, because she has experienced them!

The Blessed Mother then gets directly to the point of the kind of sufferings that will have to be endured by Catholics:  martyrdom.

Marie-Julie emphatically states that she is ready to be martyred, that she has “hoped for martyrdom since [her] childhood.”

The Holy Virgin warns that these times will be full of “pains, . . . . enough to make the greatest martyrs.”

Marie-Julie’s reply is a model which we need to follow, so let us pay close attention to what she says now: 

She replies that she “loses [herself] in the immensity of God so much, that [she] is able to put aside all pains and all trials.”

In other words, Marie-Julie prays. This is how we also can lose ourselves in God, to the point where pains and trials are put aside as being unimportant.

Prayer, the daily and constant practice of prayer, will help us to endure all martyrdoms.

The Blessed Virgin Mother asks Marie-Julie about being “at the point of being nailed to the Cross”; that is, losing all supports here on earth, all human and earthly supports and comforts (such as being the only members of our families with the Faith, and being ostracized and rejected by our loved ones because of our Faith).

Marie-Julie says that she has suffered enough for the Truth, that there are “hollows to direct those” who would pound in the nails.

In other words, she is for the truth, and there is no turning back from this life, and, out of love for God, accepts all sufferings: “Suffering will be a pain of love.”

The Blessed Mother then speaks of the injustices which will be made into laws, and which will make the True Catholic an enemy of the State who will have to “appear before tribunals, before men who 'rule' the earth.”

Marie-Julie’s answer is sublime: “Then I will appear before them. I am innocent of all crime.” And here we see an imitation of Christ, unjustly condemned and crucified.”

Our Blessed Mother is so moved by her little Marie-Julie, that she gives her a new name: “Child of Martyrdom.”

Why? Because Marie-Julie’s life has been one of martyrdom, of sufferings to atone for the sins of others.

Marie-Julie is humble (honest), she knows her human failings. So she responds to the Holy Mother of God by saying that she rather sees herself as Mary Magdalene who, made miserable by the truth of her own failings, falls from grateful love “at the feet of the Good Master.”

May we also imitate these two women of Faith, and, recognizing our weaknesses and failures, fall before He who can supply for our human frailty.

May our lives be witnesses to others of the greatness of God. May we take upon ourselves all that is necessary to always reflect the Truth of God and of His Church. Amen.

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"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra