Dec. 14, 2018

For Marie-Julie's Communion

Marie-Julie's tiny bedroom, where she spent so many years as an invalid, and where her many ecstasies took place. It is from her sufferings as a victim soul that the prophecies of the Silent Exile of the Holy Father and the 3 Days of Darkness have come to us.

Our Lord says:

“…My servant, I want in the front of where, My Victim and you, where you [and your secretaries] collected My Words, in the front of where you sit in the cell to work, I want a little altar to be erected, with the finest table cloth, on a little table, with the purest crucifix, with Christ white…”

--Lady, my Jesus, there is none here.

“With My friends and yours, one will be found for this day.”

--Oh, yes!

“I will find it,” says Jesus. “Do not worry yourself about it. On each side, two small vases with white lilies and, around the cross, a crown of artificial flowers because in that season the earth will not have any natural ones.”

--You would grow them well, my Jesus.

“I will make the plants green on the earth; I will bring out the buds of the vine and the flowers of the fig tree.”

--Lady! My Jesus, I have never seen the flowers of fig trees…

“And you will not see them. The hazel trees will be limited in their fresh and admirable clusters.”

--Oh! Yes. I love “all the fullness of the hazel ‘kitten’. All the feasts of my Good Mother, it flowers and its clusters are blooming. I love it very much.”

“Two days before the big day, on Thursday…”

--Oh! Father and Brother, I am so moved that I see the broken soul and the unsold heart of mortal seals.

“Then,” says Our Lord, “this Thursday, after the small altar is dressed, I will come from Heaven, under the form of the white Host: this will be the final communion by Heaven. The next day, the communion [will be] from the tabernacle.”  (1st June 1882)

Footnote: It is about Marie-Julie’s last miraculous communion, in December 1888. It is on this month that the interdiction of sacraments will be lifted.

[Source: pp. 69-70, Le ciel en colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny].

Reflection on this prophecy :

Marie-Julie Jahenny was denied Holy Communion for eleven years, the period of time during which the local bishop undertook the investigation of her visions and the prophecies.

This prophecy shows us that our Lord did not leave His good servant alone, but came to her Himself, spiritually, and that she could see Him in the form of a Communion Host.

The censures imposed upon her were a suffering, certainly, and a humiliation before the eyes of others.

In this prophecy we see our Lord directing Marie-Julie how to make up a little altar that she is to have when a priest comes to bring her Holy Communion again.

It is to be covered “with the finest table cloth, on a little table, with the purest crucifix, with Christ white…”

She, who is bedbound, is not able to get up to bring a table to her room, or even to dress it up.

When she complains that there is no little table, we see that she has lived in poverty.

Our Lord lovingly offers to find little table, this home altar.

There are to be two vases of white lilies at either side of the crucifix: “and, around the cross, a crown of artificial flowers because in that season the earth will not have any natural ones.”

This is not a true altar where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered by a priest, no, for artificial flowers are not allowed upon Catholic altars for Holy Mass.

But this home altar will be Marie-Julie’s focus for prayers in preparation for her sacramental Communions, and for prayers of thanksgiving afterwards.

For us who have the grace to know the Truth, and to forego that which we know is false, this prophecy has meaning.

It speaks of the spiritual comfort of a home altar, of the need to make it beautiful for our human hearts, minds, and souls.

A home altar with a beautiful crucifix, statues, holy pictures, and flowers in vases all stir the fervour of our souls to become our special place.

We place ourselves at the foot of our Crucified Lord, along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Magdalene, Saint John of the Cross, the holy Angels, and Marie-Julie.

We know that we are living through the Silent Exile of the Holy Father (and thus, Holy Mother Church) as prophesied through Marie-Julie, and we await the foretold 3 Days of Darkness worldwide punishment and the Papal Restoration.

Our home altar is the calm place which separates us from the satanic storms that seek to enslave mankind with fear and despair.

We true Catholics do not go to fear and despair. We go to our home altars, and take our rosaries in hand.

Deo gratias!

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