Jan. 18, 2019


For this week, a lesson from our Good Mother on holy trust and holy charity.

The Holy Virgin tells me:

My Divine Son knows so well how to relieve those who suffer, that you must never worry. Listen well to my heavenly lesson; engrave it upon your heart.

My dear child, while on earth, you must never worry. You must let the sweet and holy Will of my Son act.

Amidst struggles, you must not say: “My Jesus, are Thou still with me?” You must say: “My Jesus is with me, since He is with my little sisters the flowers and the blades of grass that He watches over. Thou have given me my soul to save, it is Thou who watches over it from Heaven.”

Whenever you have something that you do not understand, you will say:

“My Jesus, I do not understand. Thou wills it. That is enough! May Thy Holy Will always be the light of my soul!”

When you receive messages which are above your mind, you will say:

“My God, I do not worry. It is Thy work.”

Whenever you have something that causes you to struggle, you will say:

“Thy Will be done! My God, this does not concern me. Thou are the light of light, the strength of the weak. My Divine Jesus, Thou does not want me to understand Thee; it is all about what Thou wants, not what I want.”

When you are very afraid, you will lift your eyes to Heaven, saying:

“My God, it is Thy Will. As for me, I am only an instrument, a small grain of sand; use me according to Thy Holy Will.”

Promise me that you will never worry.

--My Good Mother, I want it very much, but I will often do it again, without noticing it.

Saint Francis of Assisi was never worried. If you know to never worry yourself, you will be agreeable to my Son.

--My Good Mother, it is a sadness which, perhaps, my Divine Jesus leaves upon our soul…

--You will say, “My God, every living thing is looking at Thee, and nothing is looking at me myself, except to pray to Thee and to make myself submit... I remain quiet on the Cross and in Thy Love.”

Above all, do not cry over that which worries you. Say:

“My Jesus, attach me, like a dove at the bars of its prison and let me tell Thee that I love Thee. All depends upon Thee: Thou wants that I be alone, without a spiritual director, Thou wants that I sanctify myself alone in my baseness; Thou wants that I sacrifice all to Thee, well! That Thy Holy Will be done!”

If my Son humiliates you, thank Him.

--My Good Mother… but I will not be able to recall so many things.

You will not look too much for human consolations… You will never despair, [since] all must seem to be crumbling; the earth was converted from fire and coal.

You will always have a lot of charity. You know that charity is the flower from the garden of my Son.

--Yes, my Good Mother, and also the flower of Saint Vincent de Paul.

That is the lesson that I wanted to give you. It will be profitable to all souls.

(11 February 1878)

[Source: pp. 106-8, Le ciel en colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny,  by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

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