May. 17, 2019


 I look upon and honour a very large flame shaped in the form of a great heart burning with love. I see there these shining words:

“Mary, the Mother of all Christians, wants that her heart be known and loved.”

The Holy Virgin, at this moment, makes every effort, after her Son, for the cause of the just and for that of sinners. No one, more than she, understands the great epoque that is to come upon us; with pain and agony, her heart addressed these words to Jesus:

“My Son, if Thou permit hell to govern my faithful people much longer, longer than the space of three months, Thou can be assured that those who loved Thee will deny Thee; that those who fought for the good will become enemies.”

In the vision, these three months are those which touch on the great events in France, before she triumphs over her ills (the first crisis). She says:

“These three months will be designated in the sun of my Son. They will not be consecrated, but one of them will be extremely dear to me. My Son will not hide anything from His people…”

Now follows a rather long prophetic passage. In a past pleading, the Holy Virgin obtained that these three months be reduced to exactly four weeks.

“… When I think,” continues the Holy Virgin, “that it is my poor kingdom which was the first to pass under the sharp sword of the deadly revolution, this thought rips my heart open and submerges me under an abundance of tears. But it is necessary that the honour of France raises itself, that her glory flourish again, as in the times of the most noble reign of Saint Louis.”

I see that the Heart of the Blessed Virgin intercedes, at each instant, after the Heart of her Son. He has established it to be the dispenser of all His graces. He has given it empire over all our hearts, and her love for us leaves her no rest. She prays and works; she implores and begs He who is her Son to give, to each person, all the necessary graces.

The Holy Virgin carries with her, for distribution over us, all of the gifts her Son has given us. His Divine Provision is so great that, when she will have covered all the earth with these graces, there would still be a surplus.

She says:

“My children, it is to doubt My power to despair sometimes of getting what you ask for. It is prayer which asks, and perseverance which obtains what you ask. I listen to your requests at the door of your hearts, and I often grant you what you ask without you doubting it.”

--It is very true, most sweet Virgin.

“If I saw my children wanting to resemble me in my virtues, I would exhaust all of Heaven to reward the ardour of their desires.”

The Holy Virgin always has her hand stretched out to ask us. She only asks us so that she may enrich us. That which goes from us to her is very frail, but she knows how to transform our poor gifts. She knows how to repay them so dignified and so great in their value when they have passed by her, that they become priceless.

She says:

“My children, my Heart is with you and finds its delights near you. Rest now.”

(11 May 1882)

[Source: pp. 100 – 102, Le ciel en colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

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