Jun. 7, 2019


This small chapel honours the martyred King Louis XVI and Queen Antoinette. It is called Chapelle Expiatoire and is in Paris, France. The French Monarch is a descendant of King Louis XVI.

“Do you remember, says the Flame of the Holy Ghost, the young soul, who, under the rays of a privileged calling, must walk away from the remotest parts of Brittany, to bring to his Majesty the words from Heaven?”

--Yes, I do remember.

“Do you remember that something had been left untold?”

--Perhaps… but our brothers will remember better than I do.

“That young soul will be charged, when you will no longer be present, to bring to his Majesty lights about the will of the God of Hosts.

“Here is a secret which will be received by the blessed child… The dwelling-place above which the light from Heaven will have hovered, will become, under the ruling of the one called by God, a place of graces and prayers. In that Center (Paris) which is going to be renovated and rebuilt like another Jerusalem, that dwelling place will become God’s House. By order of his Majesty, three Crosses will be erected. That dwelling-place will be called the Shrine of Martyrs, because a large number of priests and their friends will have taken their flight from there. Several Bishops will be recognized although they will be stripped of the garments they are wearing at present time. They will undergo a cruel martyrdom.

“When peace will be prevailing, a solemn blessing will be taking place; it will be accomplished by God’s representatives who will have returned. Many among our friends and brothers will rush to the place with great joy. His Majesty will be generous as regards his offerings for the sake of that place claimed by the Lord.”

(September 21, 1880)

[Source: pp. 255-256, Prophecies of La Fraudais].

Reflection on this prophecy:

There are many mysteries in this short prophecy. The first mystery is “the young soul,” a child, male or female, we do not know, who is given a Heavenly message to deliver to the French Monarch.

This child “must walk away from the remotest parts of Brittany,” but we do not know why.

Why a child? Why not an adult?

Why “must” this childwalk to find the Monarch? Is this during the fighting for the liberation of France from the invaders, or is it after the Three Days of Darkness?

Yet even so, would there not be a horse or a bicycle? Or is the landscape so broken that one has to make their way slowly and carefully, by foot?

Will there be any adults caring for this child, accompanying this child on this Divine mission?

Here is another mystery: the child is given a secret which he or she must keep, but Fr. Roberdel does not even reveal what the subject of this secret is.

What is the importance in keeping this secret? What is the importance of these particular “words from Heaven” which the child must deliver to the French Monarch?

Another mystery is a “light from Heaven” which “hovers” over a “dwelling-place” which is to become “a place of blessings and prayers.”

This place is designated by Heaven to become “God’s House”, a church. It will be in Paris and it is to be called, “The Shrine of Martyrs.” 

Paris continues to have its importance with Almighty God, as does France, once the eldest daughter of the Church.

The war and the Divine punishment, the 3 Days of Darkness, will leave Paris much destroyed, but this city “is going to be renovated and rebuilt like another Jerusalem.”

It will become a place of holy pilgrimage. This will be a time after armed conflict, since “peace will be prevailing”.

The spiritual ceremonies are the “solemn blessing [which] will be taking place”,  “by God’s representatives who will have returned.”

These representatives of God are also a mystery in themselves. Have they always been in communion with the See of the Cross, in which case they are merely returning to Paris, or is this a return into communion with the Holy Father and into the Catholic Church?

Regardless, this return also seems to indicate a return to the offering of Holy Sacraments, since “[m]any among our friends and brothers will rush to the place with great joy.”

Deo gratias! The period of the Spiritual Chastisement, of the shutting up of the graces from Heaven, will be over! What a great grace to look forward to!

God once again provides a repentant mankind with the spiritual bread of the Holy Sacraments, the means for our sanctifying grace!

And this dwelling which will become a Catholic church, will have the protection and receive the benefices of the French Monarch: “His Majesty will be generous as regards his offerings for the sake of that place claimed by the Lord.”

Perhaps this will be the time when the French Monarch will publicly recognize the true Papacy and will place the Holy Father on the Seat of Saint Peter.

What days these will be to witness! May we live to see them!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for the Holy Father and for the Church Militant during their time of Exile!

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"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302,ex cathedra