Aug. 16, 2019


The Lord reveals to Marie-Julie the unbearable picture of the future destruction of the Faith and of the Liturgy, the overthrowing of everything…

Father Vannutelli will carry the text of this terrible announcement to the Eternal City [Rome]. But that does not suit the little Pig [MJJ’s nickname for the devil], who takes a turn in his own way to play the Priest.

Here is what Adolphe Charbonniere notes:

Father Vincent, who is staying with the parish priest of Gavre, left the curacy in the morning, in order to be in good time at La Fraudais, approximately a half hour away. But he went astray and, after three hours of crossing streams and pits, was not able to reach Marie-Julie’s house, going as far as hoping sometimes to never arrive.

Glory be to the Father…

I adore our Lord. He opens a small Divine door, and I enter into the sun.

I distinctly see there that the outrages committed there to the Divine Saviour in His Sacrament of Love, surpasses the glory that His faithful friends provide Him.

The offenses that are prepared for the Lord, for this fatal moment, will not be equaled anywhere in profanations and in sacrileges. The light, which carries an enormous number of insults and ingratitude, takes most of the afternoon. There, the light becomes poignant because there is no longer any spark which could console our Lord.

As soon as the cry has been launched, the first rage of His enemies is towards the prison of Love (the tabernacle) of sweet Jesus. These enemies can neither look upon nor endure the more solid Christians. This will be hell, with its obscenities and its blasphemies. The prison of the King of kings is broken with instruments which I do not recognize, with arms which will kill many of God’s children.

After the first moment of outrages against the tabernacles, their second vengeance is towards the Cross:  Crosses will be shredded, trampled underfoot with horrible sacrileges. The Flame of the Holy Ghost marks the border of the region of the south. When He pronounces this name, south, the Sacred Heart opens under the blow of immeasurable pain.

I see, written in perfect letters, the cry which will make the just ones thrill:

“We swear, with all our might, to overthrow the entire Church, to dethrone all those who, each morning, climb the head of the house (1). (They do not say church). Let us first revenge ourselves upon them.”

(Footnote 1: The priests who celebrate Mass at the altar situated at the apse of the church).

Here is the project that they will address to the Priests of the Lord:

“We will give you a free favour. (These words are addressed to the Priest). We will permit you to continue this crazy habit which devotees believe and assist (the Mass). We leave you this permission, on one condition, and you are forced to submit to it.”

Here, in the sun, the infamous manner to which hell wants to submit the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice.

“And that, soon,” says the Lord.

(Do not be confused:  the word soon is not written in the sun; it is the Good Jesus who says this word).

Here is the continuation, written on the same Flame of the Holy Ghost:

“We will again permit you this path, but out of the house (the Church) where your follies have accustomed your devotees to surrender. We will permit you to say it (the mass) in all the houses, and even outside under the firmament that will be the roof.

“Here is the manner in which the present times impose themselves on you like a law: you will dress yourself in a great red mantle, and one of ours will hold close to you a large banner of the same colour as the blood of your veins. But, a little later, we will be able to hold, in the blood of your veins, similar banners.”

The enemies of the Saviour add, with an infernal irony:

“We will give you a measured piece of bread, with some drops of water. You will be able to do all that you did, when you were at the head of the house.”

Our Lord says:

“They do not say: communion or consecration. Instead, they add: you will continue your trickery as before. Behold the words that come out of these mouths, where hell has full reign.” (1)

Footnote 1:  To clarify further:  the priests, rallied in red, will accept the celebration of a false eucharist: the bread distributed, under the control of the reds, with any drink, without the words of consecration… and above all not in the churches. Already! After, even these priests there will be exterminated.

(Ecstasy of 3 June 1880; Part 1)

[Source:  pp. 171-172, Cris du Ciel, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflection on this prophecy :

Murderers who promise to let you live are lying. The diabolical agents of spiritual murder are no different.

At the beginning of this ecstasy we see that the agents of evil force a deal on the priests (all levels of the Priesthood):  they get to live, but under certain conditions. At the end of this ecstasy, the footnote by Marie-Julie Jahenny’s secretary, Adolphe Charbonniere, tells us that even these priests will be exterminated.

This time's sad parade of false sacraments is the result of the overthrow of the Roman Catholic Church, the instigating event being the takeover of the Papacy at the Conclave of October 1958, after the death of Pope Pius XII.

The colour red, used in the Catholic Church to symbolize the martyrdom of Christ our Lord, all of his Apostles (except Saint John), and most of His Saints, is perverted by the devil (the “Pig” as Marie-Julie calls him) so that Red symbolizes revolution; in a word, Communism.

It is most interesting to look closely at the description of the situation which traps most of the priests and laity into the snare of false sacraments:

 “We will permit you to continue this crazy habit which devotees believe and assist.” The Holy Mass is not changed until 1965, which makes for very slow-moving changes. In the case of the Holy Mass, it is 7 years.

“We will again permit you this path, but out of the house (the Church) where your follies have accustomed your devotees to surrender.” First of all, it is important to note that both priests and laity will be outside the Catholic Church! 

With the masonic pseudo-popes, the anti-popes, everyone is outside the Church. The true Vicar, Pope Gregory XVII, known to the world as Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri, of Genoa, Italy, is forced into a silent exile which is to last 31 years.

Secondly, because the evolution away from the true sacraments has been a slow, methodical process, it has made everyone “accustomed… to surrender.”

“[T]he present times impose themselves on you like a law”. The changes are said to be mandatory, enforced by false laws. This puts pressure on everyone, priests (at all levels of the Priesthood) and laity, to comply.

Do you recall, when you left the diabolical novus ordo or the other false sects, how you were made to feel uncomfortable, even shamed, for questioning and leaving? Did you receive personal criticisms and shunning?

Why did the “priests” and laity use shame and pressure rather than the Truths of the Catechism of the Council of Trent, or arguments from the Doctors of the Church, to try to keep you in the church of darkness?

They could not, because they could not defend lies in the face of Catholic Truth, and because their ability to reason, their thinking, was quickly being affected:

“[W]e will be able to hold, in the blood of your veins, similar banners.” A banner proclaims thoughts. With a change of the banner being carried in the veins of priests, in their blood, there is an image depicting the change of all that a person is; that is, their thinking and, as a consequence, their beliefs!

As the laity are accustomed to surrender to these changes, their thinking is similarly changed.

The annihilation of the bloodless Sacrifice of Christ on Catholic altars leaves everyone starving spiritually, as depicted in these words: “We will give you a measured piece of bread, with some drops of water.”

Bread and water is what harsh regimes often give prisoners to eat; just enough to sustain life at the edge of death.

Christ our Lord points out to us a sublime Truth: “They do not say: communion or consecration.”

This is because there is no licit communion with the Exiled Pope, the True Pope; and there is thus no communion with Christ Himself.

The words of the consecration were changed in meaning, and thus there was no valid consecration taking place on the once-Catholic altars around the world!

The overthrowing of the Catholic Church took place because of the trickery of the Silent Exile imposed on His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII.

It continues to bear its evil fruits of spiritual destruction because of trickery also; the trickery of the agents of evil who were in place to see the takeover be successful worldwide.

This is why Christ lastly quotes the devil as saying to the priests (in all levels of the priesthood): “continue your trickery as before.”

It is a sad truth that the chaff has been surrounding Roman Catholics for a long, long time.

Recall the words of Pope Pius IX: “The vipers are at Our Breast.”

However, prayer is our greatest weapon; most especially the daily Rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries only).

Our Blessed Mother Mary also gave us her brown habit to wear as our livery, the Brown Scapular, along with a promise of Salvation.

Yes, we Catholics in Exile are soldiers of prayer, soldiers of our Blessed Mother Mary.

As we hope that the coming conversions (which will be many) will include our loved ones, friends, neighbours, and validly consecrated souls, let us include them in our daily Rosary, along with the dying of each day who desperately need conversion to escape the fires of eternal hell.

And most important of all, we need to pray for the triumph of the French Monarch and those brave men who fight alongside this great king. He will place the Holy Father upon the Seat of Saint Peter once again!

Deo gratias! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

Dear Readers: also remember to offer the Hawthorn leaves which you have picked to the Blessed Virgin on Monday, August 19, so that She will bless them as She promised that She would. Please see Hawthorn Leaves link below for videos to help you identify this tree species:

 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302,ex cathedra