Nov. 3, 2019

Excruciating Complaint of the Saviour

"After My complaints, says the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I take my consolation in the thought of all My victims and of all the true friends of My Cross. They will be for Me occasions of comfort, in the midst of the most infamous betrayals.

A great heart-rending will take place on earth. That violent blow will be but the preparation of the most beautiful merits, [as well as] for divine rewards, since My friends will be the only ones suffering. The other ones will delight in a jubilation... which will know a sad ending.

"All of you, My victims, servants and maid-servants, Consecrate yourselves to My Heart in a solemn way. 

"The things accumulating, the ones on top of the others, will closely follow one another: lightning, terrifying signs, the earth open wide and a sky under inconceivable phenomena. I will have mercy on My good people. I will let walk to their misery those who were to give them assistance. I will tell them: 'Rather death than betrayal!'

"Children, perseverance! Now I impart My blessing to you." (June 1, 1881)

 [Source: p. 155, Prophecies of La Fraudais by Father Pierre Roberdel].

Pray for the Holy Pontiff. May we know him and unite ourselves to him when God brings this holy Pope out of exile:

 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302,ex cathedra