Jan. 17, 2020

The One Who Will Be Pope

“He is not a Pastor of the Center he who will have the outstanding honor of crowning with glory the King of Frenchmen, the heir who will have deserved to rule over his homeland. That Pastor will be young, he will not have yet completed his forty-five years of age. He will proceed from the diocese of X.

“The pastors ruling over the dioceses at the present time, will be no more (said three times) on their episcopal see. Before the great King comes, revolution will have overturned all their sees both in France and outside France.

“The glorious and worthy child of God who is to consecrate the true King, upon the ruins of the Center, when the land will have been well deserted, will come from a distance far enough.”

The Voice says: “Diocese of Aix”. I said it wrong. Brother, the Voice says: “Aix.” That is the true name.

(May 16, 1882)

[Source:  p. 200, Prophecies of La Fraudais, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflection upon this prophecy:

The one who will crown the French Monarch is not the “Pastor of the Center”, meaning that he is not the Bishop of Paris.

Normally, the crowning of the French Kings is the honour of the Bishop of Paris, but that is not possible anymore because “[t]he pastors ruling over the dioceses at the present time, will be no more on their episcopal see.”

What does this mean?

That the bishops are no longer in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church; they have apostatised from the Roman Catholic Church!

Marie-Julie Jahenny tells us that God says “no more” three times.

Three is the number of perfection, of wholeness, of God.

The thrice repetition of the words “no more” becomes a Divine Judgment that seems to be coming from the Holy Trinity.

The finality of this pronouncement is frightening when we consider that this means the shutting off of all sacramental graces!

This week’s prophecy makes it very clear that a revolution takes place “[b]efore the great King comes”.

This revolution is spiritual (theological) in nature, because it “overturn[s] all [the bishops’] sees”.

 And worst of all, this spiritual revolution will be a worldwide event; that is, “both in France and outside of France.”

The horrible reality is that we are living in the aftermath of this revolution today, in this year 2020.

That revolution came with the 1958 masonic takeover of the Papacy. The vacancy of the Chair of Saint Peter allows Vatican II, and other atrocities, to take place.

The vacancy of the Chair of Saint Peter allows for the “abomination unto desolation” (Daniel 12:11) to take place, so that Catholics are committing idolatry in worshipping Christ in unconsecrated hosts.

As silent as the Exile of Pope Gregory XVII was, the spiritual repercussions of removing the Pope from the Chair of Saint Peter have brought about a spiritual wasteland that has left us without true bishops, without true priests, and as a result, without true sacraments, worldwide.

But there is one holy Bishop, a true Bishop, who is a “glorious and worthy child of God”.

This holy Bishop “is to consecrate the true King,” so he a chosen soul, just as the French Monarch is a chosen soul.

These men have the blessing of God, so they will be divinely protected.

The crowning of the French Monarch will take place after the coming war, “upon the ruins of the Center”, meaning the ruins of Paris.

The crowning will take place “when the land will have been well deserted” of its inhabitants.

As for the holy Bishop, he himself “will come from a distance far enough.”

Marie-Julie Jahenny corrects herself to her secretary, revealing that the holy Bishop will come from “Aix”, meaning Aix-la-Chapelle, (in French and English).

It is interesting to note that this diocese is in Westphalia, which is also the prophesied area where the French Monarch’s family has been living out their exile from France.

If you recall, the French Monarch’s exiled ancestors would have gone to France to give birth to their children so that their offspring would be eligible, by French law, to take back the French throne in the future.

It is possible that the French Monarch’s family has been doing this for generations.

This shows great dedication, a great nationalism, a great love for their true homeland, France, and a great desire to help France when the French people are ready to leave their disastrous masonic republic which has been built on the blood of the good and holy King Louis XVI.

The French Monarch will descend from both Saint Louis IX the Confessor, and the good and holy King Louis XVI.

The Bishop who will crown him will also, according to prophecy, take his rightful place on the Chair of Saint Peter when the French Monarch restores the true Papacy.

Deo gratias! Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, may the Papal Restoration come soon! May a Holy Priesthood and Holy Sacraments come again to purify mankind with God’s Sacramental Graces!

Parce, Domine! Parce populo Tuo! Have mercy, Lord! Have mercy on Thy people!

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 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302,ex cathedra.