Oct. 2, 2020


“When I think, my dear child, that in the chosen hour, which will soon blossom, I will come to deposit my last kiss on your forehead!”

--I will smile to fly, not to Heaven, my Good Mother, but into the holy place of Purgatory. I am not worthy to hope to climb so high. It is such a great honour, such joy to think to first enter Heaven from Purgatory in order to expiate for an imperfect remainder.

“Do you think that my Heart will hard enough to let you descend there?”

--My Mother, I do not want to go to Heaven before going to the place of purification.

“Straight to Heaven, my daughter!”

--Oh! Good Mother, I will not go straight ahead. You will not take me away. I will throw myself into the holy place.

“My daughter, I will take you away, and I will not be the only one. I will bring joy to my children left in pain.”

--Oh, my Mother, there will be no pain, since I am not useful at anything.

“I take your words, my child, as if said with the simplicity of a child… Let me tell you something that will console you.”

--It is not a secret, my Mother?

“No, it is to participate in joy.”

--I want it a lot, my Mother.

“For your courage, for your patience, for your charity, you have tired the interlacers1 of your crown of merits.

Footnote: The interlacers are those who persecute Marie-Julie.

--But my Mother, I have never said anything to them; I did not see them.

“Let me explain it to you. You have tired them by your silence.”

--I never did anything, my Mother, nothing more than the usual.

“They have understood that their time was wasted.

“They had hoped for a change in things: the anger (ended) about the wounds and the path of the Cross, the relaxation of the ecstasies, the weariness throughout this journey.”

--Oh! Good Mother, they hardly won. I am not sorry all the same.

(Marie-Julie starts laughing).

“My dear child, they said to each other, in their plot: the Father (Fr. David) who commanded is no longer there. Due to the length of time, she will get bored and succumb under the burden of despair. Let us wait and, in the end, this will be our conquest.”

--This conquest is not done yet, my Good Mother.

(She laughs).

--If they do not work harder, we will not have more merits.

(2 February 1880)

[Source: pp. 84-5, Le ciel en colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel. In translation].

 Reflection on this Ecstasy:

Simply put, without our crosses; that is, enduring our sufferings and fighting against our temptations to sin, we cannot merit our crowns for Heaven.

How beautiful that God allows us to earn merits for virtues that we do not yet possess! The virtues are so beautiful!

We can see our temptations and understand, by the opposite virtue, what graces God wants to instill in our souls. 

We can see how God sees the potential that is within us, what he made us to become!

Deo gratias!

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