Oct. 16, 2020


“Little sister,” says Saint Thomas of Aquinas, “let me explain to you what becomes of the tears that you spread. These tears are carried to the Lord and deposited in three fountains.

“In the first fountain, your tears offer of themselves [when you say]: May the Lord accept the offering of my eyes. Our Lord draws from this fountain greedily. He finds a remedy there to heal His wounds.

“Let us go on to the second fountain which is that of tears of desire. There, it is the Holy Virgin who mixes the pure love of her Immaculate Heart. With it she makes a perfume so sweet that she will spread it at the feet of the Lord to beg Mercy on behalf of sinners: you are their protection.”

--But, Saint Thomas, I am nothing more than rottenness and corruption.

“Ah! Little sister, how the Lord loves mud when it is offered to Him in such terms! Tell me how you offer them, your tears, to the Lord.”

--I tell Him: Very loving Saviour, I offer Thee my miserable tears. Make it a fountain where I can wash all my body. That for me, on earth, my tears may bring forgiveness and remission, since I cannot obtain the grace of the Sacraments.

“Come now to the third source. Our Lord is seated as if at the edge of a small fountain. He tells you, without you hearing it:

“Continue, my victim, to console Me in this way. This consolation charms Me more than all prayers.”

(28 March 1878)

[Source: pages 195-196, Le Ciel en colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel. In translation].

Reflection on this ecstasy :

When we love Jesus Christ, we go to Him when we are grateful, but especially, we go to Him when we are sad, frightened, or when we are feeling overwhelmed.

This is the intimacy that love brings.

Think about this: who do you allow to see your tears of dejection: your spouse, your mother or father, your closest friend or sibling.

When you are hurting like a little child do you run to our Blessed Mother, our Lord on the Cross, your Guardian Angel, Saint Michael the Archangel, your favourite Saint, a deceased dear True Priest.

This is the intimacy of Love.

The wonderful gift of this ecstasy is that Marie-Julie is going to our Lord for forgiveness of her sins because she is being denied the Holy Sacraments.

This is a model for the Church Militant (for us) in these times when the Holy Father remains in Exile and there are no True Priests to absolve us of our sins, to give us Christ our Lord in the Holy Sacrament of the altar:

“That for me, on earth, my tears may bring forgiveness and remission, since I cannot obtain the grace of the Sacraments.”

These tears of Marie-Julie’s (and ours, we hope) are put into the third fountain, the “third source”.

It is “a small fountain”, possibly because there are few of us who realize and accept this reality; few who will recognize God’s Divine Spiritual Chastisement for our times, and so the amount of tears from this suffering is lesser in quantity.

But we are invited to shed these tears to Jesus Himself, since Christ lovingly sits there, waiting to draw from this fountain: “seated as if at the edge”, right next to us, like one of his True Priests inside a confessional.

We must remember that this deep suffering of ours, this hungering for the Holy Sacraments, consoles Jesus Christ’s own Suffering:

“Continue, my victim, to console Me in this way. This consolation charms Me more than all prayers.”

May we love Him enough to give Him this consolation. May we be brave enough to give Him these tears that yes, are within us as our constant companions.

May we give our Lord this close intimacy of Love!

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