Jan. 15, 2021


[Photo is of the burnt wreckage of Notre Dame de Paris].

In this week’s prophecy, Christ Our Lord appears to Marie-Julie in the midst of His Passion, and tells her of a red cloud that will come to the earth and from which men will emerge who seek to kill Christians (Roman Catholics) and put an end to Holy Mother Church.

Is this an image of Communism’s warring rage advancing and becoming worldwide?

A ship is inside this red cloud, and France is inside this ship. Franco-Masonry has steered (started) all of this.

We are in this reality today, and have been, since the exile of the Papacy on October 26, 1958.

Looking around us, most see the utter destruction of souls even among our own relatives.

Where is the Holy Faith any more? Gone, destroyed.

There is no true Priesthood to be seen, no Holy Sacraments to be had.

Everything holy has gone into exile, because the Papacy has had to go into exile.

Dear souls, we must pray; we must pray very hard for the Holy Father!

This prophecy is longer, so there will be no reflection following it. Everything contained within it is self-evident.

It is taken from pages 89-91 in Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel:

I meet with Our Lord. His Heart is uncovered, from which are running streamlets of blood… His robe is soaked with it. His wounds seem to be fresh… His face is pale.

--I adore Thee, my Beloved Saviour

“Come closer, My victim.”

--How great are your sufferings!

“My children, these are the last opprobria I [withstand]. Rejoice all of you who have battled for My sake, and who have been faithful to My commandments.”

The Divine Saviour uncovers some more [of] His Wounded Heart and I see the sentence of affliction written down within It.

“You are the one, guilty France, to whom I want to make heard a last call of tenderness, to you standing there, in that ship. Do you not hear that storm roaring and getting closer to you? Come on the river bank and give Me only the slightest beat of your heart. Come on, the Lord goes on, get closer to Him who wants to save you.

France remains speechless: she has no voice, no whisper, no breath. Nothing.

Divine Jesus lifts His eyes to His Father. I do not know what He is telling Him, but His words must be terrible, because I experience, within my soul, a sorrow more than deadly.

“My Beloved Son, here is My Will: Let every sinner be exterminated!”

“Courage, My children,” says Jesus, “the merciless enemy has assembled his own. O France, what a high price this time will cost you!”

The red cloud reaches the ground. From it proceed men armed with their crimes of burning avenging against Heaven, with the desire of putting to death all faithful Christians [true Roman Catholics], and of destroying the Lord’s temple [Holy Mother Church].

“Here they are,” says Jesus. “My treacherous enemies and also yours, My children.”

For the fifth time, the Saviour calls upon France and commands her to come out of the ship. She obeys. The Lord extends a ball to her into which she reads while [He] Himself is reading at the same time. Here is what is written:

‘I have struck the death blow on My children. I have delivered everything to My enemies. I am left with nothing but pain, blindness, and tears.’

France goes on reading and sees, at the bottom of the ball, her death sentence, so to speak. She sheds tears by torrents.

--O Divine Heart, she [France] cries out, must the whole of France perish, with the exception of Brittany and (part of) Vendée, the soil of which has been has been bathed in martyrs’ blood!

“That is not all,” says the Lord.

--Is it therefore I must be left with so short a delay! Hardly will my name even exist! It will still be uttered in foreign countries, but in the very homeland itself, that name will be dead.

“Look higher,” the Lord takes over.

--I will be alone for fighting, says France. Everybody will deny me their help.  Well then! I throw myself into despair. Strike on; take my name away from me. Cause me to perish.

“Guilty France,” says wrathful Jesus, “you bore the beautiful name of France. Even after your death it will be left unto you. You yourself delivered My temple and My altars to sacrilegious hands. You bragged about it! You made for yourself a purpose of plunging your arms, up to your elbows, into the blood of the victims of My altars. Do you think your friends are going to save you? Thus you shorten the limit of My Justice. Do you think you spare yourself from such a terrible fate?”

“My children,” the Saviour goes on, “I am addressing you. No man can save that poor France drowning in crime. Without Me, no hope would be left for her. I will perform a miracle on behalf of the just, but there will be only part of the kingdom which shall be saved. The other part will remain wailing for long days.”

“I have furnished the earth with inhabitants through My Death; through My Justice, I will unpeople it. After My Justice, I will stock the earth again with a new people.”

(January 9, 1878)

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 [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.