Mar. 12, 2021


Fire from Heaven will fall down upon Sodom and mainly upon that hall of Hell, where wicked laws are produced; it will be engulfed and, in its stead, an immense quarry will be found, which, until the end of the earth, nobody will be able to get close without shivering from horror.

In that Sodom, places will appear so overturned that no paving-stone will be left in place. Fire from Heaven will mingle with fire from Hell. (date: 1903)

The Dove says:

“Friends of the Lord, this place will sink down over an immense distance, all around. Only a quarry will be left out of it, the depth of which nobody will be able to see, nor take the measurement of the immensity of the hollow.

“My friends, all that ground, over all this place and its surroundings, where so many injustices are being committed, that ground will sink down to the bottom… Nobody will be able to walk around this place before the One slumbering brings peace and flourishes religion; before a blessing is imparted upon it by several saintly Pastors of the Catholic Church.

“Friends of the Lord, the Heart worthy of that kingdom, will not fix his abode as soon as the entrance of his victory. The Heavenly Mother is the one who will appoint for him the place of his rest.

The Dove says:

“Friends of the Lord, you will be able to see with your own eyes that frightening quarry where water will be similar to fire…

“Never put My word in oblivion. From age to age it will be repeated. Never will it be possible to put up any building around it…

“From generation to generation, never will they forget those signs of God which will have been left visible on a countryland where so many shrines are dedicated to the Holy Immaculate Mother.    (5 October 1882)

[Source: pp. 135-136, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel. The English edition is out of print].

Reflection on this Prophecy:

"Nobody will be able to walk around this place before the One slumbering brings peace and flourishes religion" The One slumbering is the exiled Monarch. He, Henri, will bring peace by his victories against the forces of the Antichrist. He, the French Monarch, will put the Pope on the Chair of Saint Peter, and the One True Faith will be taught again. Souls will be converted and saved from the fires of Hell.

"Fire from Heaven will mingle with fire from Hell." The Divine Punishment is a cleansing punishment, fire from Heaven, the 3 Days of Darkness. Fire from Hell is a reference to the warring armies of the Antchrist fighting against the armies led by the French Monarch.

"Never will it be possible to put up any building around it…" The means used in the destruction of Paris will be so toxic to all life that there will need to be a buffer zone, a no man's land, all around the former city of Paris. Perhaps, it will not even be safe to view this destruction from a plane or helicopter.

What comes to mind is the Seine River, around which Paris is situated. What will be of the life downstream from that river? Can we even imagine the extent of the poisoning of human, animal and plant life? Consider that the Seine river empties into the English Channel, in Normandy, between Honfleur and LeHavre.

There are 6 cities along the Seine River, among them Rouen, the medieval city where Saint Joan of Arc was martyred. 

And then there are England, Ireland, and Scotland. The English Channel is only 240 km (150 miles) at its widest. Its current flows north-easterly in the springtime, into the cliffs of Dover, where it meets with the North Sea.

If the North Sea becomes poisoned with the burning radiation carried by the current of the English Channel, then the countries affected would be Belgium, The Netherlands (Holland), Germany, Denmark, and perhaps also further north along the North Sea: Norway and Sweden.

From Dover the English Channel waters flow westerly, along the south coast of England, into the Atlantic Ocean. 

As the currents in the north Atlantic Ocean flow east to west, the poisoning may also affect Iceland, Greenland, and perhaps even eastern Canada.

We also have to consider underground water (aquifers). Paris is situated in a basin, How many aquifers would be poisoned? How much of France will be affected by this burning poisoning of Paris? What of Frenchmen, animals, and crops?

France must already be realizing threats to its livelihood, for it has closed its borders to all non-European Union travel, including the United Kingdom (which is not a part of the EU). Only goods are being permitted into France from outside the EU.

What French Judeo-Masonry and the masonic governments are not considering is that their punishments will be just punishments from Heaven, as well as punishments allowed by Heaven, due to their warring against Holy Mother Church.

The destruction of Paris has been prophesied by many mystics and Saints. It will cause death and suffering to both Frenchmen and many other Peoples as well. This destruction will be truly catastrophic! We must pray very much for the conversion of the enemies of Holy Mother Church!

Saint Joan of Arc, intercede for the people of Normandy! Intercede for French Roman Catholics! Ask Christ our Lord that the poison be contained within the area of Paris. Jesus, Merciful Jesus, save Thy people!

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 [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.