Apr. 16, 2021


“My children, says the Blessed Virgin Mary, on February 22nd, I will leave to weep over the Eternal City, to cry over the chains of the saintly Pontiff, which are going to grow heavier; to shed tears together with Him, my children, the last tears of the living Church, because sorrow is going to put It out for a while. That period is written down in Heaven; but men seem, within a short time, to be able to write it down upon earth.

“My children, I will remain for five days weeping over that place. I will come back. Within a few days it will be given to me to reveal everything, without anything left closed or secret any more.”   (February 7, 1882)

[Source: p. 207, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

 Reflection on this Prophecy:

As the spiritual mother of Holy Mother Church, of the Apostles, the Priests, and all of us who depend on her, the Blessed Virgin Mary walks with us.

Whether it be good times or deeply distressing times, Mary, our Spiritual Mother, takes part.

At the Eclipse of Holy Mother Church, Mary “[left] to weep over the Eternal City, to cry over the chains of the saintly Pontiff, which…[grew]… heavier; to shed tears together with Him”.

What caused the heavy chains of the Holy Father?

Enemies of Holy Mother Church were allowed to invade from within due to many two-faced Judases and many self-serving Peters.

Yes, the ordained and the consecrated souls have ushered in and continue to maintain this state of takeover by masonic, ungodly men.

Our Spiritual Mother leaves Rome and cries: “the last tears of the living Church, because sorrow is going to put It out for a while.”

What will bring the Holy Pontiff and the true Priesthood out of Exile?

Her Spiritual Motherhood. And this is where you and I have our role to play.

The truly consecrated souls still living, and among them many elderly and truly ordained Priests, need prayers and sacrifices for conversions.

If we, dear readers, live to imitate Mary, our Holy Mother, or perhaps for the men it is a life lived in imitation of Saint Joseph, who is prophesied to be so strong in these end times, then we must take these consecrated souls as our spiritual children.

Let me say this again: We must be the foot soldiers for Mary and take on being the spiritual mother or spiritual father of these consecrated children who are not living their vocations any more.

Like we see with the Blessed Virgin Mother of God, she weeps with the Holy Father, and she weeps for (and prays for ) Holy Mother Church.

And what of those who believe they are consecrated but are not?

They need spiritual mothers and fathers also! Otherwise, how will they come to live the Truth?

Surely, dear readers, if we ask to live and to die in the Truth, then we should pray the same graces for all of our loved ones, and especially our spiritual children.

Can we do this? Can we embrace Spiritual Motherhood or Spiritual Fatherhood for the sake of restoring these precious souls back to God?

Some have been led by a desire for self-preservation, true. What weakness in a consecrated soul! What lack of Faith!

Heaven, we know, rejoices with the repentance of one sinner.

Are we ready to pray and make sacrifices for one Priest or religious who we know?

Our Spiritual Mother promises: “I will come back.”

Begin your spiritual bouquet today for Mary’s arrival. Gather your prayers and sacrifices for the salvation of her fallen away Priest Sons and other consecrated souls so dear to her Sorrowful Heart.

Let us lay a joyful and luscious garden of spiritual bouquets at her feet when she returns. What joy it will give to our Spiritual Mother, whose prayers and tears have brought us the precious Roman Catholic Faith!

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 [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.