May. 7, 2021

THE FUTURE OF THE WORK -- Second Prophecy

The first Cherubim closes his book up, and the second Cherubim says:

“I have been awaiting for a long time. I would like that my burning pages would have already fallen into hearts, to kindle them with a joy and cheerfulness about which no one can raise a doubt.

--No, Cherubim… because we are not yet in Heaven; but I will be there. Then we will be as learned as you.

“Yes, but previously there will be plenty of happiness on earth.”

--That is not too soon, Cherubim. I am not awaiting that happiness with impatience; but nevertheless, we are all anxious to delight in it.

“It is coming,” he says… “Lord, I have no liking for closing up my book.”

Good Jesus smiles.                                                      (9 February 1882)

[Source: pp. 284-285, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel. Currently out of print.].

Reflection on this Prophecy:

There are two holy Angels from the choir of Cherubim in this prophecy, and each holds a book.

The first Cherubim “closes his book up”.

The second Cherubim speaks with holy zeal.

He says that he has been “awaiting for a long time.”

Notice that the verb is not waiting, but “awaiting” which implies joyful expectation (longing) for something that is to arrive.

For example, a family awaits the birth of a baby.

But this prophecy does not explicitly tell us what this arrival is.

Father Pierre Roberdel, who compiled these prophecies into three books, and knew Marie-Julie Jahenny from when he spent summers with his aunt while he was a seminarian, joins this short prophecy to last week’s prophecy, under the same title: ‘The Future of the Work”.

So from this, we can surmise that the awaited arrival is the joyful return of the Church from Her long Exile.

The long years of this exile have become a time when mankind doubts about everything: many people doubt that God exists; children and youth are made to doubt whether they are boys or girls; and even long-married couples are doubting that they can be happy together and are heading to divorce lawyers.

There is so much suffering and unrest today!

But the second Cherubim’s book has “burning pages” which is an allusion to the flames of the Holy Ghost, the graces that come from the Holy Ghost.

He wishes that the “burning pages” of his book would have already gone into the hearts of all of mankind “to kindle them with a joy and cheerfulness about which no one can raise a doubt.”

Marie-Julie knows that there will be suffering for the Church Militant, not joy, during the Exile of the Papacy and Holy Mother Church.

She knows our true lasting joy can only be in Heaven: “No, Cherubim… because we are not yet in Heaven”.

And she knows that all of this will take place after her death, and that she will be in Heaven: “… but I will be there.”

Yet it is especially important for us to take heed of what the Angel says.

This Angel, holding his book of “burning pages” open, insists that “there will be plenty of happiness on earth.”

And take note, that Fr. Roberdel bold typed these words of assurance for us: “there will be plenty of happiness on earth.”

That is something to really think on, of which to remind ourselves often.

Also, it is true that everything which God permits is for our spiritual benefit.

We may not realize it now, but we will in eternity.

So let us go forward this week remembering these precious words of Marie-Julie: “Good Jesus smiles.”

Laus tibi, Christe!

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