Sep. 3, 2021


This prophecy given to Marie-Julie Jahenny by Christ Our Lord is a familiar one, but given the situation today, it gains greater relevance:

“I repeated many a time, says the Lord, the secret of the humble girl of the mountain. My Blessed Mother was carrying the instrument of My Passion… She was repeating:

“Christian plants are going to be so scattered that the earth will rather look like a desert than a land inhabited by Christians who, nevertheless, are in such number…

“So few people are going to be left in those countries, that a large number of churches will remain unoccupied, not even by a single soul. This will be according to the provinces and the progress of wickedness.”

(29 March 1882)

[Source: p. 41, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel.]

Further Insight into This Prophecy:

It is true that Marie-Julie’s prophecies do speak of diseases that mankind will not be able to cure.

Incurable diseases do exist today in great numbers: cancers, muscular dystrophe, muscular sclerosis, dementia and Alhzeimer’s Disease, as well as lung, heart, kidney, and liver diseases, strokes and neurological disorders.

COVID-19, whether a biological weapon or a respiratory disease, is currently incurable.

Perhaps there will be more such illnesses, especially if it is true that this is a biological weapon concocted in a Level 4 laboratory (and there are several similar laboratories around the world). 

But this COVID-19 has proven to be 99.9% survivable.

So why the constant hysteria, why the forced lockdowns? Why the threats of “consequences” for people who do not want to participate in the satanic blood sacrifice?

Never before have we seen mortal fear used in a worldwide control of people to this degree, and yes, we are speaking of the COVID-19 “jab”, (or, as the controlled media like to call it, the “vaccine”.)

The puppet heads of several countries meet in the latest G-7 meeting, and suddenly everyone must receive the “jab”.

People's jobs are at stake. For example, in Canada, federal employees have been ordered by the Prime Minister to receive the “jab” or they will lose their jobs. 

Interestingly, this week’s prophecy speaks of massive numbers of deaths, which are orchestrated (caused) by evil:

“So few people are going to be left in those countries, …. This will be according to the provinces and the progress of wickedness.”

Here the word provinces is used to mean where there is authority given to master or dominate.

Wickedness is given certain governance to try to rule, yes, but we still have the God-given ability, right, and duty to refuse evil and to stop its progress!

Some doctors, and even one of the developers of this COVID-19 “jab” (yes, Caucasian developers) are actively speaking against it, saying that people who have received the "jab" will die. One doctor gives an estimate of 3 months to 3 years of life for those who take the “jab”.

Is anyone listening to these warnings?

Not really. After all, most people today have made Science their god. This is where they put their faith.

But this prophecy may be indicating that the warnings from the experts are accurate:

“So few people are going to be left in those countries”.

The prophesied great numbers of deaths are also seen in this dire warning:

“[T]he earth will rather look like a desert”.

Those who remain alive will not adhere to this work of evil that immorally uses tissues developed from the aborted (murdered) baby as a filtering device to remove impurities from the “jab”--! Are they joking?!!!

Dear Lord! Since when is participating in the murder of innocent babies either in or partially out of the womb a good and pure act?

Are the COVID-19 “vaccine” recipients not truly DEFILED by their participation in this evil farming of murdered baby body parts?

Those who remain alive will have looked to Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity to guide them in their life choices and to protect them from evil.

And turning away from wickedness is the best way to live and die!

May our souls and bodies never be willfully defiled by our fears, but instead, may we turn to Christ our Lord and His Blessed Mother to comfort and guide us through the incurable diseases which have been prophesied by our dear friend, Marie-Julie Jahenny.

Viva Cristo Rey! Praised be Christ the King!

Happy Feast Day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary this Wednesday, September 8th! 

As the Angel Gabriel said: "Hail, Mary, full of grace" we know that She was conceived immaculately. Only the Blessed Virgin Mary is called by this title.

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