Oct. 9, 2021

Part 3: Excruciating Complaint of the Saviour

“This is My last complaint, My children. I am the one who knows all the hearts; I am the one who fathoms them to their last depth.

“If I were to tell you that, for the foundation of that infamous and cursed religion, I have some Bishops, I have some priests who will not leave on a second calling, but right away from the first.

“Would you know, children, that the Bishops and My priests will not be in favour of the one whose destiny it is to raise your homeland again: there will be very few, quite few on his side. Those who were giving hope for the future, I will have introduced here, next to Me, to spare them horrible tortures…

“Oh! if hey were told these words:

“Do you want to remain united and follow our calls? We will detract nothing from what is yours; you will be left with your life; we will have regards for you. But if you give preference to the other party, rest assured that destitution, rest assured that death will rainfall upon your priestly heads.”

“Oh! if they were told such words, the first road would be filled to overflowing, while the other one would be left like the road to Calvary: only a few faithful and patient Christians would be stepping in My footsteps!

“Nevertheless, My people, this is to all it amounts! Have I no reason for complaining? Have I no reason for having you sharing in My sorrow? I do suffer. The hour is getting closer. The chastisements are standing on the ramparts of Heaven. The hand-bells of Heaven are resounding for a last time, telling My people:

“Have courage and faith throughout the tribulations and the ruling of hell!

“This is enough, children. Be compassionate to My sorrows.

“After My complaints, says the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I take My consolation in the thought of all My victims and of all the true friends of My Cross. They will be for Me occasions of comfort, in the midst of the most infamous betrayals.

A great heart-rending will take place on earth. That violent blow will be but the preparation for the most beautiful merits and for divine rewards, since My friends will be the only ones suffering. The other ones will delight in a jubilation… which will know a sad ending.

“All of you, My victims, servants and maid-servants, Consecrate yourselves to My Heart in a solemn way.

“The things accumulating, the ones on top of the others, will closely follow one another: lightnings, signs terrifying, earth open wide and a sky under phenomena inconceivable to mortal mind. I will have mercy on My good people. I will let walk to their misery those who were to give them assistance and tell them: rather death than betrayal!

“Children, perseverance! Now I impart you My Blessing”.

(9 June 1881)

[Source:  pp. 154-155, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].


The Sacred Heart of Jesus knows each one of us intimately: “I am the one who knows all the hearts”.

He fathoms us to our “last depth”.

Do we give ourselves over to Him, He who is Truth and Love, both?

Not enough!

We look to the world, which is constantly changing with the seasons.

In this prophecy, the Sacred Heart complains of how a desire for novelty pulls everyone, even His bishops and priests, away into that “infamous and cursed religion”, the novus ordo.

And He tells us that even those once soldiers of Christ run to the changes:

“I have some Bishops, I have some priests, who will not leave on a second calling, but right away from the first.”

These men were His friends, men whom He ordained and consecrated, having called them out of a natural existence and into a supernatural life alongside Him.

And now, where are they, these friends?

The Sacred Heart is suffering alone on the Cross of our sins, utterly alone!

And most of the bishops and priests were threatened with no income, no place to live, and no pension if they did not go along with the changes: “rest assured that destitution, rest assured that death will rainfall upon your priestly heads.”

Did they have our parents and grandparents to support them?

Did any layperson or family step forward to offer Christ's own bishops and priests their support?

The evidence is in the historical fact of the majority of numbers that went along with the changes.

These men of God had no family or friends to offer them support; to give them that option!

Look at the photo for this week's prophecy. It is of Father Pierre Roberdel, who first befriended Marie-Julie Jahenny when he was a seminarian.

Look at his countenance, so full of Christ's love for us! This is what a Priest is! This is his entire goal, to love souls, to save souls!

These are Christ's soldiers. But after this diabolical battle, many of these soldiers were wounded terribly!

Today the numbers of those truly ordained in the true Ordination Rite, which is a Holy Sacrament, (prior to October 1968), these men with the holy sign on their souls dwindle in nursing homes across the world.

Are we willing to be soldiers of Christ (as we are supposed to be) and are we willing to find them and to offer them a new life, another chance?

These truly ordained and consecrated men who can absolve us from our sins, who can bring us all sanctifying graces are able to return into God’s grace, they are able to repent and return to their true vocations!

What glad news it is to know that one can make reparation to Christ, that one can return to the ministry of souls!

We must be ready and able to offer Christ’s bishops and priests the solid promise of support to their dying breath.

If they get sick, as happens, we must support them as we would a member of our immediate family!

Our love for these consecrated men MUST be UNCONDITIONAL! It must be willing to enter into hardships, together.

And we must offer them always the respect that is due to them as men above all men and above the Angels of Heaven, for they are Christ’s Priests!

Our home must have a separate room for this man of God.

And what will be Christ’s response?

Oh, He will never be out-done in charity!

Our joy will be over-flowing!

We will be held to His Sacred Heart with such joy, such thankfulness, for we will have brought back one of His own to Him!

Let’s be among those of whom the Sacred Heart says: “only a few faithful and patient Christians would be stepping in My footsteps!”

Truly, this is how we can begin to correct all the evil in our world.

Inspire us, O Holy Ghost, with what we must do to offer a sure and holy sanctuary to one of Thy Priests!

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  [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.