Mar. 18, 2022

Our Lady of the Lilies Gives Us Hope and Peace

On Tuesday, June 23, 1936, a young girl from Blain had brought Marie-Julie a lily that had been deposited before the Most Blessed Sacrament at the parish Church during the day of The Feast of God. This lily was placed between the arms of the large crowned statue of Our Lady of Lourdes that dominates the bedside of Marie-Julie and remained there throughout the ecstasy.

During it, the Most Holy Virgin, responding to a total offering of Mary Julie, made in her name and in that of all her friends, said:

"As a reward, I have in My arms that beautiful white flower that recalls the most beautiful of My virtues... Scatter this spotless flower... Take each one a blossom into your homes, it is me myself that you will take home with you, the Queen of Lilies, the Queen of Peace, the Queen of Wonders, the Queen of Miracles. "

Then, at the end of the ecstasy, during the last blessings, the Most Holy Virgin said to Mary Julie:

"Give a small blossom (of the lily) to all my little children, it is the flower of Jesus, with the delicious perfume blessed on earth... Jesus needs many lilies.”

Those present had the impression that the lily placed in the arms of Our Lady of Lourdes during the ecstasy had regained the same freshness as if it had just been cut.

During the ecstasy of Tuesday, February 2, 1937, feast of the Purification of the Most Holy Virgin, Marie-Julie thanked her for all the graces of protection and healings granted to people who had resorted to the lily blossoms.

The Blessed Virgin confirmed Her words of the previous June 23 and added:

"... this lily, I blessed it after My Divine Son, it will do many wonders... "

and the day after February 4:

"Little friends, give Me this name: Mother of purity, Lily of purity without blemish... I will do many graces, I will even do wonders, I will restore health to the sick by touching this beautiful Lily of purity. ... O little children of the earth, come to My Heart, invoke Me as Our Lady of the Lilies, Mother of power, Mother of wonders... "

Blessings and promises were renewed several times, particularly

On April 8, 1937 by the Most Holy Virgin:

"O, My little children, I bless you with all My Heart, I bless you with the Heart of Our Lady of the Lilies."

On June 10, 1937 by Our Lord:

"Little friends, I give your lilies the same blessing that I have given to those who have protected you... (for them) I will do miracles, I will do incredible wonders for my chosen ones of the earth. »

And again on July 18, 1939:

"I bless the Lilies and give them My power to relieve poor suffering."

There were a few lilies in the small enclosure behind Marie-Julie's cottage, the bulbs were removed at her request on December 8, 1938, they were blessed by Our Lord, during the ecstasy of that same day.

Our Lord promised that the lilies from these bulbs would be blessed as soon as they left the earth and that it would be enough to present the flowers or petals before the exposed Blessed Sacrament so that they would enjoy the same blessings and privileges as the previous ones, and that thus the devotion to Our Lady of the Lilies could be assured and continued after the death of Marie Julie.

We must also turn to St. Joseph. Indeed, the latter, on March 19, 1905, after having announced that the punishments would be increased because the warnings of Our Lady of La Salette had been ignored, added:

"... I am not called upon very much... And yet, I am immediately after Jesus and Mary, who are happy to keep their treasures at my disposal... And know it well, I have more the desire to answer you than you have the desire to be answered... Why! Yes, why are you invoking me so little !... "


Reflection on this Prophecy:

During the war that we are facing today, and the nuclear threats that are being voiced on the internet, we will need miraculous helps to the diseases and afflictions that will come.

Who, today, can claim to have the blessed lily bulbs blessed from that time? 

Certainly, some have these miraculous gifts from Heaven! 

Perhaps we may pray to be guided to find lily petals from these blessed bulbs.

More than likely those souls with the greatest need will be guided to obtaining these precious and miraculous gifts from Heaven.

And as this Saturday, March 19, is the great Feast Day of Saint Joseph, he who is so powerful during these End Times, will surely help us if we are sincere and truly in need.

Let us go to Saint Joseph with this desire also, that he grant us the grace of obtaining a blessed petal for the health of our family members and all those who need to be healed in body, mind, and soul.

And let us ask Our Lady of the Lilies to unite her prayer for this intention also!

Saint Joseph, friend of the Sacred Heart, pray for us!

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