Apr. 29, 2022

The Grass of Saint John (also called St John's Ground Ivy)

The many names of this botanical herb are:

Alehoffs, Alehoof, Catsfoot, Cat's-Paw, Couronne de Terre, Courroie de Terre, Courroie de la Saint-Jean, Creeping Charlie, Gill-Go-By-The-Hedge, Gill-Go-Over-The-Ground, Glechoma hederacea, Glécome Lierre, Haymaids, Hedgemaids, Herbe de Saint-Jean, Lierre Terrestre, Lizzy-Run-Up-The-Hedge, Nepeta glechomaNepeta hederacea, Robin-Run-In-The-Hedge, Tierra-Hiedra, Tun-Hoof, Turnhoof.

This low-lying ground cover is found among grass. The little flowers can be blue, or white. The leaves are rounded and usually curl if there is full sunlight. It is not a true ivy because it is not a vine and it is not poisonous.

The flowers are to be used for a tea to lessen headaches and chest pains. These tiny flowers dry up quickly, so pick them with their stems in early morning to maximize the healing enzymes. The flowers have very short and fragile stems, so do not separate flowers from their stems until both are dry. Gently allow the air to dry them indoors by laying them on cheese cloth laid out in a horizontal manner. (I pin a cheese cloth to a horizontal clothes dryer from Ikea and lay the flowers on this).

Here is a list of precautions from the internet:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: It's UNSAFE to use ground ivy if you are pregnant. It could cause a miscarriage.

It's also best to avoid ground ivy if you are breast-feeding. There isn't enough information to know whether it is safe for a nursing infant.

Kidney disease: Ground ivy contains a chemical that can irritate the kidneys. Don't use ground ivy if you have kidney problems.

Liver disease: Ground ivy contains a chemical that can harm the liver. It could make existing liver disease worse. Don't use ground ivy if you have liver problems.

Epilepsy or another seizure disorder: Don't use ground ivy if you have epilepsy or a history of seizures.

[Source: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-26/ground-ivy].

Here are some prophecies given to Marie-Julie Jahenny about this Saint John “Ivy”:

“To help save the Christian, the sun continues, “there is a plant which exists: whoever will have collected some will be preserved from this scourge.”

“This plant appears in [Marie-Julie’s sun], to the eyes of the soul (i.e. to Marie-Julie); I see it perfectly, its name is written in the light; it is the plant or grass of St. John (i.e. ivy). The leaf is not very large; it has little ribs everywhere. The sun says that the Christian may drink some drops of it—made up as an herbal tea—without fear, and the scourge will not affect him.

“I see this plant in the sun; it has little blue flowers; what looks like little tubes, out of which there are flowers; it has a bearable smell.”

The Lord interrupts the voice of the sun to say the following:

“I bless this plant, my children, collect it while it is still available. A lot of people will search for it and will not find it.”

“My little loving souls, always keep this little loving plant, because this name is so precious. This name is, to Me, a name of love. It is the name of the great Apostle who adopted My Mother as his Mother, and My Mother adopted him as her son.” (19 April 1923)

“My little loving souls, as for the little flower of the ivy, you will be able to make herbal teas with it. This tea will be particularly efficacious when people are suffering from bad pains in the chest or when suffering from violent headaches.” (21 June 1923)

Description (also from book, as cited below):

A small herbaceous, perennial plant. It looks nice and is found in abundance in woods, hedges, trees, in wet and shaded places, especially in soil rich in silica. It blossoms as of spring (March to May, and even June). [St. John “Ivy”] is common in Europe (except around the Mediterranean region, where it is usually found on the mountains).

[Source: pp. 16-17, Means of Protection during the Period of Chastisement, by Isabeelle Szczebura, André Marquis de la Franquerie’s granddaughter; a translation from French].

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