May. 14, 2022


“I desire that my servants, right down to little children, wear a Cross. This cross “will be small, and in its centre it will have what seems to be like a little white flame. This flame will show that they are sons and daughters of the Light.” (20 July 1882)

“My beloved, little friends, you will wear on yourself my adorable Cross which will protect you from all kinds of ills, big or small, and later I will bless them. On the cross, the following names will be engraved, firstly, “Croix de Pardon” “Cross of Pardon”, secondly, “Croix du Salut” “Cross of Salvation” thirdly, “Croix de Sainte Protection” “Cross of Holy Protection” and fourthly, “Croix Calme-fleaux” “Cross to Calm Tribulations”. Finally, the following prayer should be engraved on this cross: “O God, Crucified Saviour, embrace me with love, faith, and courage for the salvation of my brothers.”               

My little children, for all souls who are suffering, riddled with the scourge, all those who will kiss (this Cross), will have My pardon, all those who will touch it, will have My pardon.

[Source: p. 24, Means of Protection during the Period of Chastisement, compiled by Isabelllee Szczebura, the granddaughter of Andre, Marquis de la Franquerie].

Reflection on this prophecy:

God is truly loving to all who belong to Him!

Most of us have been left without true Priests for the most, yet we are given a means of His forgiveness through this sacramental, the Cross of Pardon.

This Cross of Pardon will bring God’s pardon to “all souls who are suffering, riddled with the scourge”.

What is this scourge?

It is “all kinds of ills, big or small”.  

From this we see the great chastisement of diseases, yes, but we must add also damnable impure thoughts arising from dwelling on temptations to impurity. Just one impure thought entertained is enough to throw us down to Hell for all eternity. Realize the impure acts that usually follow. What a danger one impure thought is!

In this time when we are left to await the Second Coming of Christ amidst a world ruled by the devil and his legions, and most of us have no Holy Sacraments to give us sanctifying graces, no absolution for our sins, we do have one means left to us of God’s pardon:  this Cross of Pardon.

Try it for yourself:  hold the Cross of Pardon in your hand, make a sincere Act of Contrition, and then kiss this Cross.

Pray the prayers on this Cross (the translation is in the prophecy above).

Wear it around your neck for yourself and others.

This Cross of Pardon is NOT meant to replace a true Priest’s absolution in the Holy Sacrament of Confession. It is a merciful gift from Christ for when there is no true Priest.

If you need a Cross of Pardon, you may go to this link (French):

There is also a source in Australia:

An Etsy online seller sells the Cross of Pardon, Medal of Innocence, and the Scapular of Benediction and Protection as a set:

You may also email this editor:

Remember Proverbs 24:16 – “For a just man shall fall seven times and shall rise again: but the wicked shall fall down into evil.” 

May our Guardian Angel always remind us to ask Our Lord Jesus Christ for His merciful forgiveness.

Holy Lord, make us obedient to the guidance of our Guardian Angels.

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