Apr. 20, 2015

Question About Offering the Hawthorn Leaves in Thanksgiving

JA:  Is it necessary to offer the leaves of Hawthorn we have purchased this year to Our Blessed Mother on August 17?

MJJP:  JA, this is an excellent question, which will be on many people's minds.  

You offer up the leaves that you have used (and saved) from when you had an illness, in thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother for your cure.

 You are to do this on the Monday after the Feast of the Assumption. [Source:  p.270, Prophecies of La Fraudais].

 I myself had the flu twice this winter, and I did drink of the tea, (and I did find it helpful, by the way) so I put the leaves into a small bowl to dry on my countertop, and then into an old (washed) jam jar, and I left it open to dry out the used leaves completely.  I will be offering this to Our Blessed Mother by burning them.

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04.11 | 21:09

I can only buy Hawthorn with both leaves and flowers. Does that matter?

19.10 | 04:46

Please, may I know how I can have a blessed candle. Hoping for your reply.

09.10 | 19:15

I ask for prayers for my children to return to the practice of their Catholic faith.

06.07 | 14:41

I am looking for little Gospels of His Holy Name. Do you have them?

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