May. 28, 2016

His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVIII

So nice to see the word is getting around about our true Holy Father GregoryXVIII. Lord Jesus I pray for your protection on our Holy Father. Our Lady of Good Success pray for us.  --From A.S.

Yes, Pope Gregory XVIII is truly the Pope of the Holy Catholic Church, he alone is the Vicar of Christ!  Those who are not in communion with him, are outside of the Church, and there is no salvation outside the Church  [Dogma].

Latest comments

04.11 | 21:09

I can only buy Hawthorn with both leaves and flowers. Does that matter?

19.10 | 04:46

Please, may I know how I can have a blessed candle. Hoping for your reply.

09.10 | 19:15

I ask for prayers for my children to return to the practice of their Catholic faith.

06.07 | 14:41

I am looking for little Gospels of His Holy Name. Do you have them?

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