Aug. 13, 2016

How Should We Offer Up the Hawthorn Leaves?

"How and in what manner should we offer up the Hawthorn leaves to Our Blessed Mother on the Monday after the feast of her Assumption?" (email from John).

MJJP:  Thank you for your timely email, John.  This year the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary falls on a Monday, so you will want to offer your leaves in thanksgiving on the following Monday, which also happens to be the feast day of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!  

May Our Holy Mother guide all of us who look, to find these leaves of Hawthorne.

 You want these leaves to be efficacicous against the coming diseases, just as Our Holy Mother promised Marie-Julie they would be.  So you want to offer them up to Our Holy Mother, She who gave us knowledge of this cure. 

Have them before you, whether in their jar (opened), or laid out on a piece of cloth, and kneel down and offer them to Our Blessed Mother in thanksgiving for this great grace.  Ask the Virgin Mary to make these leaves effective against the coming diseases for all who will take the tea from these leaves.  

Ask her to protect your family against the coming scourges, and to inspire you about how to help your neighbours and their loved ones also.

I would offer up 3 Hail Mary's in honor of her three privileges:  her purity of body, her purity of mind, and her purity of soul.

If you have a home altar, or a place where her picture or her statue is, I would make this offering there.

Then thank Our Good Mother and put away your leaves (in a closed jar) for when they are needed.

Deo gratias!



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04.11 | 21:09

I can only buy Hawthorn with both leaves and flowers. Does that matter?

19.10 | 04:46

Please, may I know how I can have a blessed candle. Hoping for your reply.

09.10 | 19:15

I ask for prayers for my children to return to the practice of their Catholic faith.

06.07 | 14:41

I am looking for little Gospels of His Holy Name. Do you have them?

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