Apr. 10, 2017

When Will EMP's Happen?

Hi. Just wondering about the projected timing of needing EMP protection; during the first two warnings too, or just for the Three Day ultimate event only?  Is it known?  Thanks in advance.

                                                                T. R. C.

MJJP:  EMP is not discussed in Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies.  As a result, we do not have specific time considerations for EMP's.  

Scientists have discovered about EMP quite by accident.  The first testing of an atomic weapon on Bikini Island in the South Pacific released an EMP which was only discovered after it was reported that the lights went out in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Since then, scientists who study the sun have been able to study EMP's from strong solar flares. You can see the section The Sun to learn more.

The worry now is that EMP's are much easier to create.  One does not need to explode a nuclear weapon.  So now the worry is about North Korea's satellites, which fly over North America, in a south-to-north trajectory. 

An EMP would send us back to the pre-electrical age. Protecting essential electronics becomes all-important.  

My suggestion:  Start buying one extra (ideally two extra) of flashlights, batteries, rechargeable batteries, walkie-talkies with NOAA, radios with short wave (so that you can pick up the news from far away countries that have not been hit with EMP).  

Will you re-charge batteries, and power certain electronics via solar energy, or some form of mechanical energy, or both?  These re-charging and powering solutions should also be protected against an EMP.  

Put these into Faraday boxes (whichever you can afford or manage to make -- see EMP & Power).  Keep them protected for the long haul.  Try not to go into these boxes until there is an EMP, or until it is time to exchange old batteries for new.

 May God bless and guide your preparations.

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