May. 18, 2019

What Am I To Do?

JB writes:

I follow Pope Gregory XVIII but only became awake a few years ago. My God-daughter is getting her first "communion" at a false "catholic" church. What am I to do? Thank you.

MJJP:  First of all, JB, as a Catholic, you cannot be a God-father to anyone who is being baptized into a false church!

You can try to speak to this girl's parents, but if they will not listen to the truth, then you must simply pray for their conversions, and continue to include them in your prayers, but not attend.

You may not go to false worship, JB, and this girl will not be receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion at all because the false churches are not in communion with the Holy Father, so they do not have valid or licit priests; they have anti-priests. Thus they have anti-sacraments with no graces whatsoever!

With non-Catholic family and friends, the situation becomes difficult. We may not pray with non-Catholics, and we may not maintain friendships with non-Catholics if they are not willing to listen to the truth and be converted to the Holy Catholic Faith.

Yet we have duties to care for our aging parents, and we have the duty to pray for our family members and to always be kind and truthful.

Perseverance in prayers will obtain their conversions. See the Blessed Virgin Mary's instruction in the prophecy posted on May 18, 2019.

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04.11 | 21:09

I can only buy Hawthorn with both leaves and flowers. Does that matter?

19.10 | 04:46

Please, may I know how I can have a blessed candle. Hoping for your reply.

09.10 | 19:15

I ask for prayers for my children to return to the practice of their Catholic faith.

06.07 | 14:41

I am looking for little Gospels of His Holy Name. Do you have them?

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