Nov. 8, 2020

Are there any prophecies that mention the U.S.A.?

An anonymous reader asks:

Are there any prophecies that mention the U.S.A.?

MJJP replies:

Thank you for your excellent question! The U.S.A. is not named by name, not even by other Church-approved mystics from the past. 

But The Book of Destiny, by Fr. Herman B. Kramer, which is a study of St. John's Book of the Apocalypse, the last book of the Holy Bible, does mention the Great Eagle in his analysis of Chapter 12.

Here is a sample quote from page 287:

"Providence will prepare a place of refuge in that country to protect the Church during the reign of Antichrist. Verse 14 corroborates this conclusion. The Great Eagle protects its citizens; and though a heathen nation, it will receive and protect the Church. It will be independent and powerful enough to maintain its liberty against Antichrist. After it protects the Church during the Great Crisis, it will receive the grace of conversion."

The United States was never Roman Catholic, it was masonic. We believe this is the country to convert, that this is the Great Eagle!

Fr. Kramer's book, pictured above, is on sale through Another more economical source can be through used books sold online, such as

We encourage everyone to get this book! 

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