Letter to All Bishops

February 7, 2023

BCP: Every bishop has to choose
whether to follow the path of salvation
or the synodal path to destruction.


Dear Bishop of the Catholic Church,

     Why did you receive episcopal ordination? You were clearly instructed before that you take upon yourself the responsibility of God’s shepherd, who is supposed to protect the sheep from ravenous and cunning wolves. Why do you carry a crozier? To drive away the ferocious wolves? No,todayyou use it to drive the sheep onto the broad synodal path. But this is the path to eternal destruction. It is the path of destroying God’s laws and commandments. It is the path of legalizing sin. You abuse your office entrusted to you by God! You hide behind God’s authority, while avoiding the path of truth. You are obliged to proclaim the truth by word and example. But you deceive Christ’s flock instead. You conceal from them that the synodal path tramples God’s commandments. You did not tell the priests or the people that the synodal path deviously removes and destroys God’s commandments. You are afraid to reveal that it replaces them with immoral sodomite LGBTQ anti-laws.

You surely know very well that God, through the Apostle Peter, warns that the punishment for homosexuality is temporal fire (2Pe 2:6). Through the Apostle Jude, He even warns of the punishment of eternal fire (Jud 1:7). Moreover, through the Apostle Paul, God repeatedly threatens that the unrepentant sodomites will not inherit the kingdom of God (1Cor 6; 1Tim 1). In the Letter to the Romans, this sin is clearly called in Greekatimia– abomination, shamefulness (Rom 1:26). Bergoglio, however, absurdly calls this abomination dignity. The Holy Spirit points to the root of homosexuality. Its root is the rejection of the living God and the acceptance of pagan idolatry. God rained fire and brimstone on Sodom precisely for these sins against nature (Gen 19). To this day, this territory remains a warning to all mankind. The same rebellion against God that was in Sodom is the rebellion of the synodal path.

     You, dear bishop, are the successor of the apostles and prophets. At Bergoglio’s request, however, you have to go through a so-called conversion. What does it mean? You must throw away conscience, God’s commandments and moral principles. You have to start calling abomination dignity. But that is not enough; you have to make sure that unrepentant LGBTQ people are welcomed into the Church. The faithful must then, under your authority, accept their immorality and form both an inner and outward unity with LGBTQ persons. This is a spiritual pestilence whose devilish apostle is the false prophet Bergoglio. By going through this Bergoglian conversion, you will commit the greatest crime against God, against yourself and against Christ’s flock. This Bergoglio’s anti-gospel makes you subject to God’s curse and expulsion from the Church of Christ (cf. Gal 1:8-9). You, who are the successor of Christ’s apostles, will thus become a traitor of Christ like the Apostle Judas. He eventually hanged himself and ended up in hell. You may come to a like end unless you radically break with the synodal path. It is a path of betrayal and rebellion against God and His laws.

     A true episcopal career is connected with the following of Christ, with His cross and with the fight against heresies. A bishop – an apostle of Christ – is obliged to protect God’s laws and commandments. By making a false church career, you are signing your soul to the devil. Such a careerist expels the Holy Spirit from his heart and is in unity with the spirit of this world. The spirit of lies and death – the devil – then occupies the soul of the church careerist. The paradox is that such a bishop with the spirit of the Apostle Judas hypocritically demands to be respected as a divine authority. But he himself has no respect for God. He openly and scandalously tramples on His commandments. He ushers souls onto the broad path that leads to destruction. How will such a bishop stand in the hour of death and then on Judgment Day? He was obliged to know the truth, to preach the truth, to defend the truth. But he rejected the truth and loved a lie. And he also lied to the souls entrusted to him.

     Christ’s apostles preached the Gospel of salvation. Contemporary pseudo-apostles, disguised as apostles of Christ, preach the sodomite anti-gospel. They do not serve God, but Satan – the angel of light. The false prophet, the chief of these servants of Satan is Francis Bergoglio. And you, dear bishop, apostle of Christ, have you not yet radically separated yourself from him? Are you still in a spiritual unity with him and do you still say his name in every Mass? Because of your cowardice, you are dragging the entire diocese to eternal destruction. Are you aware of this, Christ’s shepherd of human souls? But now you are obliged to take a radical step, because tomorrow may be too late. Tomorrow you may not receive the grace you are rejectingtoday. But you will then remain in spiritual darkness. When death comes, you may find yourself unprepared before God’s judgment seat and then eternal punishment awaits you. This is no small matter. This is the most important thing that concerns you, and you do not take it seriously.

     Jesus is speaking to you right now, perhaps for the last time:“I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot… So then, because you are neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. … you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. Repent… Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die...”(Rev 3)

The apostles gave their lives for Christ. They did not consecrate themselves to demons, as Bergoglio did under the guidance of a shaman in Canada. The apostles did not enthrone demons, unlike Bergoglio who enthroned the Pachamama demon. Human sacrifices used to be offered to this demon in the past and are still offered in many placestoday. You keep silent about Bergoglio’s transformation of the Church into the synagogue of Satan. In fact, Bergoglio uses your silence as consent to complete the suicide of the Church. You still have not separated yourself from this false Pope. You submit to his evil agenda of rebellion against God and humanity!

     In this situation, you will either be a hero of faith or a traitor of Christ. There is no middle ground here. Bergoglio has established such a system in the Church through the synodal journey that it is enough to be passive to be eternally condemned. But you must not remain passive! You have to be active! You must take radical steps to save yourself and your diocese! What steps?

1) Radically reject the synodal journey, which is connected with welcoming LGBTQ people and with the demand for your sodomistic conversion.

2) Be separated from the invalid Pope, because the realitytodayis a state of sede vacante.

3) If your episcopal conference does not separate itself from the synodal journey, then separate yourself from such a conference along with your diocese. Announce the state of sede vacante in your diocese; explain to the priests and the people that this is the state of the Church until an orthodox pope is elected. Encourage the faithful in genuine repentance. Create the conditions for the proclamation of the full Gospel, and consequently for the spiritual revival of your entire diocese. Encourage people to pray persistently for this intention. Especially encourage everyone to pray at a fixed hour from 8 to 9 p.m.

If a global catastrophe were to hit the world, you and your diocese will be prepared. Souls will be saved and you will fulfil your mission as Christ’s shepherd.

BCP – the voice of one crying in the wilderness

7 February 2023