The Physical Chastisement to Come

Methane is very flamable. This may be the cause of the "fire falling from the sky" that Marie-Julie sees in her visions.

But make no mistake: this punishment will be global, and 2/3 of mankind will die.

The methane would burn continuously because it would be fed more methane from the leaking underground deposits, so this fire could burn for three or more days.

If intelligently harnessed, the methane could be used for light and heat. This is what some Scandinavian dairy farmers use from the methane in cow pies (cow waste).

But the methane is not being harnessed, it is being allowed to pile up higher and higher into our atmosphere, so we shall see...

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This is a photo of a controlled methane gas burn.

This is a photo of a controlled methane gas burn.

This section details some of the major prophecies related to the fire that will fall from the sky, known as the 3 Days of Darkness.

Marie-Julie was told that this Chastisement would begin with the sun.

Currently, there is a methane build-up which is spreading over our earth's atmosphere. It is coming from the melting ice caps. The warmer ocean water is also melting the frozen methane deposits under the ice caps, which is causing the methane to break through the ice and come up into the atmosphere.