How to Make Tea from wild Violet Petals and Leaves

Wild violet has round, heart-shaped leaves. It can be found in spring, growing low to the ground, and the purple flowers and/or leaves can be used for making the infusion (tea) to bring high fevers down.

The flowers and leaves can be fresh or air dried (see Hawthorn Leaves for how to air dry these precious medicinal herbs).

Because of the delicacy of this plant, use a few drops of room-temperature water to wet the petals and leaves just enough to moisten them before pouring the boiled water over them. Cover your cup and steep for only three minutes; (again, this is a fragile ground cover, it is not hardy like the leaves of the Hawthorn trees whose leaves are to be steeped for 14 minutes). Remove the leaves and petals and drink.


Please note:  The following remedies are taken from the book MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY:  THE BRETON STIGMATIST, by André, Marquis de la Franquerie. 

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To lessen the effects of storms and disasters: see section entitled, "Devotions."

 During crisis, and for chest and violent headaches:

You will take an infusion of St. John's Ivy, also called St. John's Grass.  [Make a tea with a few drops of the liquid from this plant, pictured with the small blue flowers (above).]

Botanical name:  Glechoma hederacea   --  Note:  This is NOT the same as St. John's Wort.  It is a DIFFERENT PLANT.  Look it up by the botanical name (Glechoma hederacea). It is commonly available, but will not be available when it is needed, so we are to stock up on the leaves now.

To bless and purify water:

 A medal of My Divine Heart.  A medal, traced on it My Adorable Cross.  You will dip in a glass of water, these two images made of either cardboard or metal.

 You will drink this water that is twice blessed and twice purified.  A single drop in your food, a tiny drop will be sufficient to keep away not just the scourge, but the scourges of My Justice.

 You will give a drop of this water to the poor souls struck by the scourges of unknown illnesses. 

 To dissipate all fear:

To dissipate all fear and all fright you will touch your foreheads with the picture or the gentle medal of Mary Immaculate.  Your spirits will remain calm.  Your intelligence will not fear the approach of the terror of men.  They will not feel the effects of My Great Justice.

For unknown fevers:

Make a tea with violet leaves.  This tea is very strong and may cause migraine headache.  Take by the spoonful or sip it from time to time, as you record body temperatures.

Botanical name:  Viola odorata

For Cholera:

Hawthorn:  Even when the leaves are dried out, they still make an effective yet mild-tasting tea against Cholera and even congestion.

Steep the leaves of the Hawthorn bush for 14 minutes,with a lid so as to keep in the steam.  Drink three times a day.  This is a mild-tasting tea which also removes sinus congestion and lessens coughing.

Botanical name:  Craetagus oxyacantha

 During the MORTAL PLAGUE:

There will only be one remedy for protection.  It will be to swallow, written on very thin paper:  "O JESUS, CONQUEROR OF DEATH, SAVE US. O Crux ave."

Aerating Boiled Water Gives It Oxygen It Has Lost

Aerating water is easy, it takes away the tinny taste of boiled water, and it will not cause headaches.

Aerating water is easy, it takes away the tinny taste of boiled water, and it will not cause headaches.

Having to boil water is often a temporary necessity.  

However, the taste of cooled boiled water is tinny, and drinking it gives you a headache. 

How to avoid the headache or bad taste? 

Get two jugs of equal size or else fill up the smaller jug with boiled water that has been allowed to cool to room temperature. 

Begin pouring water from one jug to the other, creating a waterfall through the air. 

Do this a half-a-dozen times.  Now the water is ready to drink and it will taste good!

How does this work? 

Falling water takes on oxygen atoms from the air, thus aerating the boiled water.  

The tinny taste is gone and no one will get a headache from drinking it. 

"Okay, Grandpa and you kids, bottoms up! " 🙂