Prophetic Message Given to Marie-Julie Jahenny about the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima


“Men did not pay heed to the words uttered by My most Blessed Mother at Fatima. Woe to those who do not listen to My words now.

“Men did not understand the language of war. A great number of men are living in sin, most of the time in sin of impurity. Woe on those who seduce innocent souls.

“You should not keep a grudge against those who do not want to believe, because they do not know what they are doing. But woe on those who take leave to judge before seeking information.

“The frequent apparitions of My kind Mother are the work of My Mercy. I am sending Her, in the power of the Holy Ghost, to forewarn men and to redeem what can be saved… I must let this happen over the whole world, in order for a large number of souls to be saved who would be lost without it. For all the crosses, for all the sufferings and for all that is to take place and still more terrible, you must not curse, but give thanks to My Heavenly Father.

“This is the work of My love. You will acknowledge it only later on… I have to come in My Justice, because men did not recognize the time for My grace. The measure of sin is heaped full, but no evil will befall My faithful ones.

“I shall come upon the sinful world, in a terrifying roaring of thunder, in the course of a cold winter night. A very warm summer wind will come ahead of that storm, and heavy hail stones will sink into the ground.

“From a pile of fire-red clouds, lightnings will burst out, zigzagging and devastating, setting fire and turning everything to ashes. The air will be filled with deadly fumes and toxic vapours. In tornadoes they will rip off the words of audacity, of folly and of the desire for power in the ‘City of the Night’.

“The human race has to acknowledge that, above himself, a Will is to be found which will cause to fall, just like a castle made of cards, the audacious plans of its ambition. The Angel of Destruction will reduce to naught and forever the life of those who will have brought havoc in My kingdom.

“Souls who profane the Lord’s Name, beware of making Me your laughing-stock; beware of the sin against the Holy Ghost!

“When the Death Angel is going to cut off the weeds with the sharp sword of My Justice, then Hell will fall with anger and tumult upon the just ones, and most of all upon the consecrated souls, in order to attempt annihilating them through horrifying terror.

“I want to protect you, My faithful one, and give you the signs meant to point out for you the beginning of Judgement.

“When, during a cold winter night, thunder will be roaring, causing the mountains to be shaken, then, quick, close doors and windows… Your eyes must not debase the terrible happening with curious gazing…

“Assemble in prayer in front of the Crucifix. Take shelter under the protection of My most Blessed Mother. Do not allow any doubt to take its abode in you, about your salvation: the more confident you will be, the more inexpugnable will be the bulwark with which I want to surround you. Keep blessed candles burning; pray the Rosary.

“Persevere for three days and two nights (this might be a mistake in the transcription. In some other place it said: two days and three nights). On the following night, terror will quiet down. After the frightfulness of that long darkness, with the rising of the day, the sun will show up with all its light and warmth.

“This will be a great havoc. I, your God, will have cleansed everything. All those surviving must give thanks to the Holy Trinity for their protection. Magnificent will be My kingdom of peace and My name will be called upon and praised from sunrise to sunset.

“Pray, pray, pray; be converted and do penance. Do not fall asleep like My Apostles at the Garden of Olives, because I am very close at hand. The Father’s wrath against the human race is very great. If the praying of the Rosary and the offering of the Precious Blood were not pleasing the Father that much, there would already be an unspeakable misery prevailing on earth. But My Mother is pleading with the Father, with Myself and with the Holy Ghost. This is for which reason God the Father allows Himself to be moved. Therefore give thanks to My Mother for the human race to be still living. Give Her honour with the respect of a child – I set an example of it for you – for she is the Mother of Mercy.

“Never forget to renew continually the offering of the Precious Blood. My Mother is untiringly imploring Me, and together with Her, a great number of penitent and atoning souls. I cannot deny Her anything. Therefore it is thanks to My Mother and because of My elect that those days are going to be shortened.


“Be comforted, all you who give honour to My Precious Blood; nothing evil will happen to you.

“I will inspire My Representative to continually exalt the Sacrifice of My Precious Blood, and the Veneration of My Mother.

“Would some of My priests be more Pope than the Pope? They will crucify Me, because they will slow down the work of My Mother. Pray a great deal for the privileged ones of My Heart, the priests. Time will come when My priests too are going to understand all of this…

“When you will see the AURORA BOREALIS appearing, know that this will be a sign for a forthcoming war. When light can be seen again, then My Mother will be standing in front of the sun setting down, in order to let the good ones know that time is already up. The wicked ones will see a frightening animal and cry out from their dismay and despair; but it will be too late. I will save a large number, a great deal of souls (for the next life).

“Some are disappointed because many things that I had commanded to be announced in view of inviting men to be converted, have not come to pass. They will think it is plausible for them to insult some elect souls because, by reason of them, I will have postponed for a short while the terrible happening. If I postpone the disaster in My kindness and because of the expiations I am offered, I do not suppress it. This is not pending on the judgement of ignorant men. Do I Myself still have to give account to those who do not want to know anything?

“When the world will think it is safe, then I shall come like a thief during night. Just like the lightning I am there.

“This is still the time for My immeasurable Mercy, to allow you time for repentance. Be ready, in the state of grace. Then you will be secure under My protection and My Mother’s.”

[Source:  pp. 43-46, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].