A Most Powerful Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

composed by Reverend Father José M. Urrate, S. J.

with Ecclesiastical Approval from Archbishop Carlos Maria, of Quito, Ecuador: July 31, 1941

(Permission is granted to re-print.)


 Act of Contrition


                           I believe in Thee, my God; strengthen, O Lord, my faith!

                           I hope in Thee, my God; affirm, O Lord, my hope!

                           I love Thee, my God; ignite, O Lord, my love!

                           I repent of having offended Thee, O my God! increase, O Lord, my repentance!

                           and I promise, with the help of Thy Grace,

                           and the powerful Patronage of our Most Holy Mother, Mary of Good Success,

                           to never sin again.

                           Lord, have pity and mercy on me! Amen.


     O Most Excellent and Immaculate Queen of Heaven, Most Holy Mary of Good Success. Chosen daughter of the Eternal Father, most loving Mother of the Divine Son, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, exalted throne of the Divine Majesty, Majestic Temple of the Most Holy Trinity, in whom the Three Divine Persons have poured out the Treasures of their power, wisdom, and love!


     Remember, Virgin Mary of Good Success, that God has made Thee so great so that Thou canst help poor sinners. Remember that Thou hast promised us many times to show Thyself the Merciful Mother of those who have recourse to Thee. I seek my refuge in Thee, Mother Most Merciful, and I beg Thee, for the love that the Most High God had for Thee, to obtain for me from God the Father a faith so lively, so as to never lose sight of the eternal truths of the Son; a hope so firm, so as to always hope to enjoy that heavenly bliss that He purchased for me with His Blood; and from the Holy Ghost, a charity so inflamed, so as to make me live always loving the Highest Good and Thee, Virgin Most Holy, until, through Thy intercession, I will be able to go to love and possess Him eternally in Heaven. Amen.

The Angelic Salutations


V:  As the favoured Daughter of God the Father.

      Hail Mary, etc.


V:  As the chosen Mother of God the Son.

      Hail Mary, etc.


V:  As the singular Spouse of the Holy Ghost. 

      Hail Mary, etc.

     Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, etc.


    Consider how our city of Quito and her oldest Monastery of the Conceptionists, also experienced a most special favour from the glorious Mother of Good Success, who prodigiously appeared to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, a Spaniard and one of the founding Mothers of this convent. The year was 1610. Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres was then abbess, and the convent had been in existence for thirty-three years. The blessed and pious religious prayed alone and with tender devotion opened her heart, imploring the help Mary under the title of Good Success, for the necessities of her soul, for her cloistered Sisters, and for all of society. She was absorbed in the fervour of her prayer, directed with such profound faith and confidence, with such a lively desire to see Mary and to interest Her in her petitions, that she lifted her longing eyes to Heaven, as if calling her Mother to come help her and obtain for her that for which she humbly asked, and with a sincere interest in the good of her convent, and of all the Catholic Church.


     And it is at this point that a refulgent light floods the church, and the good nun, admiring such resplendence, goes into ecstasy, her mind occupied in a sudden stupor and her heart in an inexplicable joy. Her faith grows and her devotion becomes augmented while the light goes on spreading itself before her astonished gaze, dazzled by a clarity never seen before. A singular joy overwhelms her heart and, surprised by the soft warmth of superhuman affections, she re-doubles her prayers in an ecstasy of unlimited confidence.


     In this way, happy soul, leaving the mean earth, look up to Heaven with the eyes of a most lively and penetrating faith; open a conduit to the light of divine insights and allow yourself to be flooded with the radiance of the Divinity… “The Just man lives by faith.” The Just man makes the mean earth his Heaven, his faith attracting an understanding that is not dismissed by the novelties of a new day.


     Awaken, my soul, your faith in the revealed mysteries; let us see all of the acts of our life with the eyes of an intelligence that is enlightened by religious truths, withdrawing all low uses of a material life and, with the courage of faith, setting our understanding under the governance of Divine Providence, which directs our hearts. Let us leave this earth principally by prayer and, using thought, let us move ourselves to that which is higher: Heaven, where Almighty God and Mary, His Daughter, Mother and Spouse dwell. They expect our humble attitude of pilgrims who, prostrate at their feet, implore the graces that we need.




      Oh, inexhaustible light of supernatural Truth! Who with thy heavenly resplendence illuminates our path which takes us to Thee, having as guide and protection Thy predilect creature, Mary Most Holy. Enlighten our intelligence with this light of a living and firm Faith with which the Mother of Good Success brightened the eyes of the happy religious of this Monastery, making her absorbed in contemplating the beauties of the glorious Virgin so that, anxious to enjoy supernatural gifts, we may not aspire for anything else on this earth than the protection of Mary Most Holy and a constant and secure faith in the revealed mysteries. May they cause us to live contemplating the splendour of our future bliss and longing to enjoy of Thy sight and that of Mary Most Holy for all of eternity. Amen.




    O Virgin blessed among all women! We lack voices to thank Thee for the countless benefits that we receive from Thy hand. The day that Thou were born into the world can be called a day of grace, of health, and of consolation. Thou art the honour of humanity, the joy of Paradise, the beloved gift of God, and the health of our people. O Most Holy Virgin of Good Success, what merits can we claim that make Thee to be known as our Mother? May God be infinitely blessed who wanted it so! May Thou be equally blessed, Virgin Mary since, despite our ingratitude, Thou show Thyself so propitiously in our favour! Therefore, most clement Mother, have Thy image be our consolation on earth, being our refuge, our help and protection, both in our public and private needs. Keep from us wars, plagues, illness, hunger, lightning, earthquakes and all scourges that we merit due to our faults. Pray for Holy Church and for Her visible Head. Hear the supplications of those who invocate Thee, remember that Thou art our Advocate, our Mother; because as such we put in Thee our confidence. We resort to Thee, and hope that Thou will obtain from Thy Son the pardon of our faults and perseverance in a life of grace until death. Amen.


     Now, raising your heart to the Heart of God, ask for what you want to obtain through the intercession of Most Holy Mary of Good Success.


Virgin Mother Mary, Who by Thy superiority has always captivated the whole earth.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


Singular, without equal, Thou gave pleasure to the Word of the Father, Who does great things to have Thee honoured.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


Thou art the most worthy temple of the Most Holy Trinity in Whom Thou art enraptured.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


In Thee is found the same purity the Angels enjoy; Thou art a mercy for the sorrowing.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


The Christian world cries out to Thee as Queen; the King of kings keeps Thee at His Right Hand.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


O Mother of Grace! O our Hope! Port for the shipwrecked and Star of the Sea.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


Gate of Heaven, Health of the sick, Light in the darkness.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


Through Thee we will attain to see God in that Heavenly Court of the Saints, where He lives and reigns.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


Guide our steps and tenderly assist us, O sweet Mary! in the final hour.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.


Permit praise from an affectionate tongue which is unable to express Thy rare magnificence.


Response:  Protect us, O Pious! because Thou art our Mother.



Holy Mary, save the wretched, help the weak, strengthen the afflicted, plead for the people, intercede for the clergy, petition for the faithful. Our Lady, oblige all those who celebrate Thy most holy memory with Thy favour and protection.


V:  Plead for us, O Virgin of Good Success!


R: That we may be made worthy to obtain the promises of Christ.




     We beg Thee, Our Lord and God, to grant us health of soul and body through the intercession of the glorious Virgin Mary; by whose merits and by those of Her sovereign Son Jesus, we hope to be freed from present evils, and obtain eternal blessings. Amen.